Mel O’callaghan

« Pneuma » de Mel O’Callaghan présenté dans notre exposition Seeing The Invisible, nous invite à nous joindre à une méditation de respiration rythmée alors que nous sommes confrontés à une sphère chatoyante de couleur et de lumière.


Se não temos o poder para reformar nosso ambiente, precisamos encontrar possibilidades de meditação usando os significantes que preenchem as cidades. “Meditação” é uma meditação prática e alternativa que só funciona quando você se deixa perder. Inúmeros símbolos estão comprimidos dentro da obra, expressos em padrões irregulares de som através das três instalações audiovisuais, e o som se transforma, formando imagens de ondas. A mídia reproduzida, ao ser comprimida e suprimida, traz mais possibilidades de pensamento e escolha do que os valores contidos em sua própria forma. Através desses processos, “Meditation” pode ser a ferramenta certa para a meditação.

Memo Akten

Deep Meditations
深度冥想:60 分钟内几乎所有事物的简史是一个大型视频和声音装置;一部多频道、一小时的抽象电影;一座纪念生命、自然、宇宙和我们对它的主观体验的纪念碑。这件作品通过缓慢、沉思、不断演变的图像和声音,通过深度人工神经网络的想象力,邀请我们踏上精神之旅。

Tabor Robak


EXO is Tabor Robak’s new project. Synthetic meditation that mixes Samsara’s like visuals with demoscene techniques, EXO is a visual feast. A first-person experience reaching transcendental levels, literally and metaphorically. Available for both PC and MAC. Born in Portland, Oregon, Robak lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Jason Bruges Studio

The Constant Gardeners
S’inspirant d’un jardin zen japonais traditionnel, quatre bras de robots industriels sont disposés autour d’une vaste toile de gravier avant de se réveiller et de commencer à ratisser la surface. Dans une série de performances quotidiennes, ces « jardiniers » travaillent ensemble pour créer des illustrations uniques et évolutives représentant les mouvements des athlètes. Générées par une série d’algorithmes sur mesure, qui analysent des séquences vidéo d’événements olympiques et paralympiques, certaines illustrations représentent un mouvement qui se déroule dans le temps tandis que d’autres mettent en lumière un moment sportif spectaculaire. Une méditation sur la tradition, l’artisanat et les rôles de la technologie, The Constant Gardeners offre aux visiteurs un espace paisible pour une introspection tranquille. L’œuvre explore un nouveau récit autour de la robotique, montrant que cette technologie est une force capable de créativité artistique et d’action expérimentale, qui joue un rôle déterminant dans notre cheminement vers un avenir plus heureux et plus sain.

Memo Akten

Deep Meditations
Diepe Meditaties: Een korte geschiedenis van bijna alles in 60 minuten is een grootschalige video- en geluidsinstallatie; een meerkanaals, één uur durende abstracte film; een monument dat het leven, de natuur, het universum en onze subjectieve beleving ervan viert. Het werk nodigt ons uit op een spirituele reis door langzame, meditatieve, voortdurend evoluerende beelden en geluiden, verteld door de verbeelding van een diep kunstmatig neuraal netwerk.

Krista Kim

mediative digital art
While in quarantine, I became inspired to create my vision of a world of meditativeness; my vision of how the practice of meditation can also be integrated into our every day lives through art, architecture, design and fashion. My vision is of a future based on the individual practice of meditation, extending to every aspect of our every day lives. I am inspired by Japanese Zen art, architecture and design. It’s very existence has shaped the world culture in profound ways, and will continue to impact art and design as it lives through my creations.


Liminal Scope
Liminal Scope is an immersive light and sound installation, in which three rings frame the transit of light through space. The audiovisual score enmeshes harmonic frequencies, rhythmic motion,
and gradients of color, orchestrating a narrative which navigates tension and release. Our form of reality is mutually constructed by our perceptions along with their limitations. The installation’s rings form an aperture that focuses and reveals a spatial quality of light, which usually remains unseen. Liminal Scope is a meditation on these perceptual limitations as they
relate to our shared and individual perspectives on reality.

Sally Golding

Your double my double our ghost
The installation acts a space for the consideration of intimacy and meditation– both alone and with others that may share the space – through the merging of the viewer’s own reflections articulated through a composition of shifting light and emerging sounds which fill an otherwise dark chamber. Functioning similarly to the classic funfair mirror– the flexible silver two-way mirror sheeting forming an ethereal hanging centrepiece– the work invites the viewer to consider representations of themselves which appear distorted and transient, and which merge with those around them to form ‘new presences’. In this sense the viewer may see themselves multiplied or doubled with another viewer, or find themselves alone in a rare moment of literal reflection providing a contemplative space or eliciting a hallucinatory fantasy bringing forth ideas in neuroscience around the Self and Other.

Le Fawnhawk

Modern Desert Magic
Petecia Le Fawnhawk is a modern surrealist whose body of work is a meditation in form as monuments juxtaposed against minimal and ethereal desert landscapes. In placing elemental shapes in a vast dreamscape, Petecia strips away the unnecessary in an attempt to reveal truth in the mysterious and magisterial.


the psychotron installation
Now one of Doug’s stunning installations is available in edition format. The Psychotron Framed – a video piece based on the 12-petal lotus flower symbolising eastern spirituality’s heart chakra – has been harnessed into a purpose-built viewer that can hang on a wall or stand freely on a flat surface. The piece is currently only available by collection from The Outsiders London gallery. Order now and Doug will assemble the materials in two weeks.“For centuries, circular figures containing symmetrical patterns have been used as a tool for meditation,” says Doug of his original Psychotron on display at Bedlam. “The mandala, the yantra and visualisations of the various chakras, all conform to radial design principles that have been refined throughout the ages. Now those principles have been ruthlessly plundered for the creation of The Psychotron.

Lin Hwai-min

cursive II
Ross MacGibbon
Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
Lin Hwai-min’s Cursive II is inspired by the aesthetics of calligraphy. Set to music by John Cage, it is an exquisite meditation on the balancing of opposites presented in delicate simplicity, allowing no distraction from the details of the dance.

Florence To

Noqturnl is an audiovisual meditation exploring collective dreamstate. The audience is invited to spend the night in the 4DSOUND system. A group of listeners are immersed in a spatial experience while they flit around the threshold between waking state and dream. Slow, pulse driven musical constructs, vast landscapes of sound and visual patterns develop over hours as the listeners drifts in and out of sleep, blurring the boundaries between dream environment and physical space: in doing so, allowing conscious access to the vivid, intuitive imagery and sensation within the borders of dream experience.


우리는 마치 거대한 계의 부속품처럼 서로 맞물려 돌아간다. 부속품이 그렇듯 우리는 자신의 인생에서 조차 주인공이 아닌 변두리의 색인간으로 하루하루 버티며 살고 있다. 나의 작업에서 쓰이는 체인은 속박을 의미한다. 그 속박은 타의적인 인간관계와 물에 얽매여 있는 현대인에 삶을 의미한다. 개의삶은 무시되는 현대사회에서 눈과 귀 입을 닫고 자신의 감정을 억누르며 버티고 있는 우리 인간의 모습을 보여주고 싶었다. 우리는 어디에서도 그것에 대해 표출하고 위안을 받을 곳이 없다. 단지 묵묵히 참고 버티고 있을 뿐… 나의 작업이 그러한 사람들에게 조금이나마 위안이 되길 바란다.

Iris van Herpen

The term transmotion not only depicts the process of change from one state, form, style or place to another, it is also the visionary perceptions of the seasons and the visual scenes of motion in art and literature. In parallel to Iris van Herpen’s drive to visualise the invisible, her quest to question reality and urge to explore the realms of impossibility, the project aims to narrate the process that ushers change, to materialise an unconscious state of meditation.


file festival
The sound transforms and shapes the image of waves sinking inside. The reproduced media, when compressed and suppressed, provide more possibilities of thinking and choices than the values contained in its own form. Through these processes, “Meditation” can be the right tool for meditation.

Wayne McGregor

Autobiography is an abstract meditation on aspects of self, life and writing, a non-linear approach to a life story refracting both remembered pasts and speculative futures. McGregor worked with dancers from his company in 2017 to create choreography from old writings, personal memories, pieces of art and music that have been important in his life. From these elements, 23 sections of movement material were created, reflecting the 23 pairs of chromosomes of the human genome. The choreographic events from the 23 sections were then fed into an algorithm based on McGregor’s genetic code.

Richard Tuschman

Ричард Тушман
Hopper Meditations

“Hopper Meditations is a personal photographic response to the work of the American painter, Edward Hopper. I have always loved the way Hopper’s paintings, with an economy of means, are able to address the psychological mysteries and complexities of the human condition.”

Ralf Baecker

Putting The Pieces Back Together Again

The kinetic installation “Putting the Pieces Back Together Again” is a complex system with self-organizing and emergent behaviour, at the same time it is an artistic inquiry and meditation on contemporary scientific methodology. The installation investigates non-hierarchical communication and collective behaviour by implementing such a system physically through many electro-mechanical actors.
The Installation consists of 1250 stepper motors arranged in a two dimensional grid of two by two meters. Each motor is equipped with a pointer made from white acrylic glass. The radii of the pointers are chosen to intersect with the pointers of its neighbours. All motors are excited with the same alternating current that let them move initially in a random direction. Each actor is at the same time sensing its environment. In the event of a collision the pointers reverse their turning direction. This is achieved through a custom motor control circuit. Through the interplay of many entities a complex behaviour emerges on the surface of the installation. By manipulating the signals during runtime the system will form spontaneous pattern on its surface. It seems like they are negotiating it’s position with nearby actors. By this the system is showing behaviour of self-organization. The installation drifts through various activation levels during its run time by this it constantly evolves new formations and constellations (crystallization).


פיונה טאן
Фиона Тан
فيونا تان
Rise and Fall
Fiona Tan explores storytelling, memory, and the part they play in the formation of identity throughout this exhibition of five video installations, various associated sketches and one single-channel video. Rise and Fall (2009), elongated projections onto two large, side-by-side screens, is a wordless meditation, set to music, of a woman no longer young but still conscious of her looks; she was clearly a beauty in her youth. As the video proceeds we gather that the young woman pictured on the second screen is the memory of her younger self. They often move through domestic activities (sleeping, bathing, dressing) in parallel; this is inter-cut with scenes of violently rushing water (shot at Niagra Falls, it turns out). It’s a hackneyed metaphor – the water’s endless surging as an image of time’s relentless uni-directionality – but in Tan’s hands that doesn’t seem to matter; she creates extraordinarily emotional work out of simple stories and well-worn themes.


Шахира Хаммад
Asemic Forest – Westbahnhof Train Station

Dieses Projekt stellt meine Diplomarbeit für das Postgraduiertenprogramm „Übermäßig“ an der Fachhochschule Wien 2012 dar. Wir wurden gebeten, uns einen neuen Bahnhof für Wien vorzustellen, der den bestehenden Westbahnhof entweder modifizieren oder ersetzen würde. Ich entschied mich dafür, das bestehende Gebäude beizubehalten, es aber mit Strukturen zu kontaminieren, die eine Komplexität ausdrücken würden, die jetzt fehlt. Meine Intervention war sowohl von der Natur als auch von der Kultur inspiriert und beabsichtigt, über ihre polemischen Eigenschaften hinaus das zurückzubringen, was in der Wissenschaft als spontane Ordnung bezeichnet wird. Dies ist keine Störung im gesunden Menschenverstand, obwohl sie dieses Aussehen haben könnte. Es ist offensichtlich eine Reaktion gegen übermäßigen Rationalismus und Rationalisierungen. Ja, es ist übertrieben, aber im Wesentlichen versucht es nichts anderes, als die in der Natur vorhandenen Komplexitäten in das städtische Gefüge zu bringen. In gewisser Weise ist mein „Projekt“ nicht wirklich ein „Projekt“, da ich das, was ich mir vorgestellt hatte, fast von selbst „natürlich“ entstehen ließ und nicht nur äußere, sondern auch innere Realitäten zum Ausdruck brachte. Wir könnten sagen, dass dies vielleicht ein epimethisches Werk ist, im Gegensatz zu Promethean, dh ein Werk, in dem das Denken danach kommt. Das Verhältnis zwischen Ursache und Wirkung ist also kreisförmig und nicht linear. Alles in allem ist dies eine architektonische Meditation über Auch die Zeit, da die Strukturen, die ich mir vorgestellt habe, Metamorphose, Zeitablauf, Veränderung, Vergänglichkeit und sogar Verfall widerspiegeln… Themen, die wiederum von herkömmlichen Architekturen vernachlässigt werden. Wenn das Chaos seiner negativen Konnotationen beraubt wird, haben wir vielleicht wieder die Chance, die positiven Aspekte der sogenannten „spontanen Ordnung“ zu erreichen.