Children of the Light

Spiraling into Infinity
Spiraling into Infinity appears as a phantasmagoria of light at play; a radiant scramble of energy, a mirage from the subatomic realm, a doodle-made-magic. In the work the freedom of the creative act, moments of wonder and the therapeutic power of light come together.


Mirage Gstaad
«Mirage Gstaad de Doug Aitken utilise la fréquence de la lumière pour refléter le sublime paysage alpin dans le cadre d’une rencontre en constante évolution dans laquelle la terre et le ciel, le sujet et l’objet, l’intérieur et l’extérieur sont en constante évolution. Contrastant avec le chalet environnant, la structure de style ranch suggère une version architecturale moderne de Manifest Destiny, la migration vers l’ouest qui a commencé en Europe et s’est finalement installée en Californie. Avec chaque surface disponible revêtue de miroir, il absorbe et reflète à la fois le paysage environnant de telle manière que l’extérieur disparaîtra apparemment tout comme l’intérieur entraîne le spectateur dans un kaléidoscope sans fin de lumière et de réflexion.

Doug Aitken

Mirage Gstaad
“Mirage Gstaad by Doug Aitken uses the frequency of light to reflect the sublime Alpine landscape as part of a continually changing encounter in which land and sky, subject and object, inside and outside are in constant flux. Standing in contrast to the surrounding chalet’s the ranch-style structure suggests a latter-day architectural version of Manifest Destiny, the westward migration that began in Europe and finally settled in California. With every available surface clad in mirror it both absorbs and reflects the landscape around in such ways that the exterior will seemingly disappear just as the interior draws the viewer into a never-ending kaleidoscope of light and reflection.


Through the Membrane
We define the space around us by observing and perceiving light and shadow. That is to say, our perception shapes our basic understanding of this sensory world, and hence the “reality” we believe in. If our experiential knowledge and awareness of space are challenged, would our definition of a “real phenomenon” also be changed? Through the Membrane utilizes optical polarizers to change how light passes through space. The installation does not rely on any electromechanical devices. Simply with creative use of material and structure, it presents a super-sensory experience in space where reality and illusion are inextricably juxtaposed.


“MIRAGE” is the first performing art ever in the world to experience with immersive. This experience reminds us that we generate ourselves at each moment in our highly subjective ambiguous world. Unlike the general performing arts for the several audiences, “MIRAGE” is generated by the interaction of the two dancers and the one participant. As the participants, you are invited into an 8 minute immersive experience, using a head-mounted display fitted with headphones and a camera to capture live scenes. While unaware of the participant, dancer in front of the eyes is changed over to the dancer that has been recorded in advance. In addition, by overlapping the live scene and recorded ones, participants will experience simultaneous past and present. It is very difficult to tell which dancer is really existing or which is not. Each participant will be required to discover their own “reality”.

Sou Fujimoto Architects

على فوجيموتو
על פוג’ימוטו
Souk Mirage

The Souk Mirage, or “Particles of Light”, master plan is composed of modular structural system of arches that range in size according to program. Originally “inspired by the harmonious silhouette of traditional Bedouin tents,” the arches’ purpose is to provide a simple system of organization whose “unique and timeless architectural expression” provides the framework for an intricate retail, office and cultural center shaped around public plazas and atriums.



ミラノの2013年サローネインテルナツィオナーレデルモービルで展示されているのは、イタリアの会社レマの「ミラージュ」です。ミラープレートのきらめくコラージュです。 著名な日本人デザイナー、吉岡徳仁氏によるデザイン。 並べて配置され、各パネルはさまざまな位置で操作および配置することができます と角度、初期構造をいくつかのきらめく反復に変換します–特別に設計されたモジュラーカップリングシステムによって可能になります。 「蜃気楼」は、伝統的な鏡の製造を現代的に再解釈したもので、芸術とデザインの分野を1つのまとまりのある作品に統合しています。



Fragment is a site specific installation that investigates our (in)ability to correctly interpret the surrounding environment. The work continues the studio’s ongoing study into scientific models of nature and their experiments in utilising light as a formable material.
421 octahedron frames are assembled to form an inverted pyramid, suspended in a day-lit atrium, catching and reflecting light downwards into the space. Artificial white light is animated within the structure to create fragmented images; shapes that allude to real world illusions such as a desert mirage or fata morgana.