Two Moon

A travers ses dessins, ses installations et ses courts-métrages, Moon Hoon expérimente, fusionne, mélange, explose, et tente toutes les techniques possibles dans le but de briser les codes et les limites imposés dans l’architecture. C’est pourquoi son travail est reconnu à l’échelle mondial et est présenté lors d’expositions collectives et solo dans de nombreux musées comme La Biennale di Venezia (Venise) ou encore l’Arko Art Center et le Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Séoul.

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Sonntag aus Licht takes as its subject our solar system and the relationships of all the planets that orbit the sun. In this opera, the earth and life on it is represented as the result of the union of light and water. These two elements are presented in the first scene, and the rest of the opera celebrates the evolution of life, of plants, animals, humans, and above all this the planets, moons, and heavenly constellations. The opera has a pronounced ritualistic and meditative character, with very little that can be described as dramatic action.


왕 유양
artificial moon
Artificial Moon is a sculptural piece by Beijing-based artist Wang Yuyang constructed from hundreds of various compact fluorescent lightbulbs. At over 13 ft. wide (400cm) the piece is an imposing recreation of Earth’s moon, using strategically placed lights to mimic craters and other surface features. Its creation is also particularly poignant, as it was originally put on exhibit in Shanghai, a city that due to light pollution is often unable witness the actual moon moving through the night sky.