Studio Smack

Tribe City
Hundreds of beings and dreamlike and dystopian elements inhabit the digital and autonomous works that are part of this project. “It’s a portrait of the masses,” summarise the artists, whose fascination with group dynamics, technological phenomena and the ego are expressed in Tribe with an eclectic selection of individuals who bring to life deeply recognisable social attitudes. Collective behaviour and manipulation are recurring themes in SMACK’s work, which often uses popular visual references and light-hearted aesthetics to present us with an uncomfortable reflection of who we are.




“Early in the beginning of the film, we are introduced to a woman (Emelie Jonsson) who works on a kind of “attraction” of the spaceship called MIMA, which, at first, is not very popular. It is a technology capable of capturing people’s emotions. and turn them into images, or rather into a kind of vivid dream in their minds. As the ship wanders aimlessly through space, while it is not yet known if it is possible to return to the correct route, days become weeks, weeks become it takes months and the demand for MIMA increases. Aniara explores very well what makes us human as a race and also the importance of having a place to call her own. What was supposed to be a simple transport, over time becomes, in fact, a kind of “mini-planet”.” Marcio Melo

Maria Guta and Adrian Ganea


Performance & live computer generated simulation

A postmodern fairytale, Cyberia takes place somewhere in a cold distant East, stretching between and endless imaginary realm and a vast physical space. It is a westwards journey towards a promised future with no arrival and no return. There is no here or there, only a twilight zone between a departure point and a simulated destination. Between digital video projections and a physical setting, using the mechanics of a video-game engine with a motion capture suit, Cyberia is the simulation of an endless pre-climax state where a performer and a CG avatar dance as one to the rhythms of an imaginary West. In a world oversaturated by digital data –mysticism and paranormal are as popular as ever. Emerging technologies are increasingly incorporated in a form of postmodern spiritualism, as Arthur C. Clarke points out: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


rove (Demoscene)

Farbrausch, also farb-rausch, is a German demo group that has been very well known in the Demoscene since the release of their intro fr-08: .the .product in December 2000. Their demo fr-025: the.popular.demo, which was published at Breakpoint 2003, has gained notoriety far beyond the borders of the scene, both The.Popular.Demo and debris. are two of the most popular demos according to the comparative index Pouët. The works of farbrausch have won numerous prizes in the Demoscene: The.Popular.Demo won the “Public Choice Award” of the awards in 2003 awards of 2003, category “Public Choice Award”., .Debris 2007 the award for best director. awards of the year 2007, category Director.Farbrausch gives all publications a “product code” in the format “fr-0 #”. The numbers are not related to the date of publication, but rather, according to the members of farbrausch, indicate the order in which work on the project began. Productions that are not meant to be taken seriously are also given a “minus” in their name. 2004 the sub-department of farbrausch .theprodukkt released a 96kB small first-person shooter called .kkrieger, as well as the early version of a tool for creating demos called.


Electric Chair

The distinctive work of Sam Buxton is dominated by his innovative use of advanced materials and technologies. From his immensely popular MIKRO series (miniature fold-up sculptures, laser cut into thin strips of stainless steel through an acid etching process) to his explorations concerning interactive intelligent surfaces on the familiar objects around us, his work has continually managed to blur the lines between art, science and design.Through his work, which has regularly involved relatively common objects ranging from business cards to a dining table, Buxton has demonstrated an ability to see potential in what others take for granted. His on-going efforts in developing objects that can communicate, display information and react to the actions of the user, demonstrate his commitment to investigating the delicate relationship between the human body and its environment. Buxton’s fusion of art and science has resulted in a highly innovative and unique range of personal designs, many of which, have utilized the latest, most advanced materials and technologies available.

adeline tan

octopuss garden
Adeline Tan aka mightyellow is an illustrator and visual artist based in Singapore.Singapore is a modern city-state that people call the “garden city”. It is really like a garden, lots of arranged greenery and manmade stuff, not a lot of naturally occurring forests. Taking inspiration from personal experiences, the environment and popular culture, Adeline imagines alternate realities to current situations



A carreira de KAWS começou como grafiteiro em Nova York, NY, no início dos anos 1990. Suas imagens foram vistas em outdoors, pontos de ônibus e cabines telefônicas. Ele obteve seu BFA da School of Visual Arts de Nova York. Imediatamente após a formatura em 1996, KAWS começou a trabalhar como artista freelance para a Disney, criando fundos animados. Algumas de suas obras mais populares incluem suas contribuições para 101 Dalmations, Daria e Doug. Assim que o KAWS começou a ganhar popularidade, seus anúncios de graffiti tornaram-se muito procurados. Ele viajou extensivamente para trabalhar em Paris, Londres, Alemanha e Japão. Em 1998, recebeu o Prêmio Pernod de Arte Líquida, que oferece uma bolsa para novos artistas.

Olle Cornéer and Martin Lübcke

Public Epidemic Nº 1 (Bacterial Orchestra)
Олле и Любке

“Bacterial Orchestra” (2006), a self-organizing evolutionary musical organism where each cell lives on an Apple iPhone (it can be ported to any mobile phone, but the iPhone was chosen because it’s popular and the centralized App Store makes it easy for the epidemic to spread). That way, hundreds of people can gather with their mobiles and together create a musical organism. It will evolve organically in the same way as “Bacterial Orchestra”, but it will also be much more infectious. The installation and the ideas behind it can be traced from different areas such as chaos theory, self-organizing systems and neural networks. The goal? A world wide sound pandemic, of course.

melanie gilligan

popular unrest
תסיסה פופולרית, היא דרמה מרובת פרקים המתרחשת בעתיד בדומה להווה. אולם כאן, כל עסקאות החליפין והאינטראקציות החברתיות מפוקחות על ידי מערכת הנקראת ‘הרוח’. פריחה של רציחות בלתי מוסברות פרצה ברחבי העולם. לעתים קרובות הם מתרחשים בפומבי, אך עדים לעולם אינם רואים תוקף. באופן מסתורי באותה מידה, קבוצות של אנשים לא קשורים מתקבצים לפתע בכל מקום, צוברים חברים חדשים במהירות. ללא הסבר, הם מרגישים תחושה עמוקה ומתמשכת של חיבור זה לזה.

הסרט חוקר עולם שבו העצמי מצטמצם לביולוגיה פיזיקלית, כפוף ישירות לצרכי ההון. בתי מלון מציעים משרתים מחממים מיטה בכל חדר, אנשים נקנסים על כך שלא מונעים מחלה צפויה, שמירה על משקל מזון אוכלים את המעכל מבפנים ומובטלים מחזירים את חובם לחברה באנרגיה פיזית. אם מצד אחד זה מרמז על שליטה מוחלטת של החיים על ידי ערך חליפין, האם הקבוצות מציעות מוצא?

צולם בלונדון עם צוות של שנים עשר שחקנים ראשיים, צורת הסרט שואבת בחלקה השראה מ”אימת הגוף” של דיוויד קרוננברג ומדרמות הטלוויזיה האמריקאיות CSI, Dexter and Bones, שבהן המציאות נתפסת דרך פורנזיה פורנוגרפית של תופעות אמפיריות וקרביות. כמו בעבודות הווידיאו האחרונות של גיליגן, המבנה האפיזודי של הסרט מקבל את הראייה שלו מהטלוויזיה ומהיכולת של המדיום להפיץ את קו העלילה שלו בשלבים.


moon tensegrity membrane structure

This is an experimental housing complex that sought to regenerate the shops-cum-houses in an old area of Hanoi, Vietnam. This district, popularly known as “the 36th street district”, is composed primarily of houses inhabited by traditionally large Chinese families. The buildings have narrow frontages and an unusually extended depth of 70-80 m. These high-density, low-rise buildings were considered to be a comfortable domestic environment until the changes of government in Vietnam during the 20th century.
Han,” became such a high-density city (1,000 people per hectare} that many families began to live together within one unit and even to transform courtyards into actual rooms. As a result the standard of living deteriorated.


The Creator

Decades ago, Turing famously asked, ‘Can machines think?’ and ever since, the notion of computers exceeding human intelligence has transfixed researchers and popular culture alike. For their fantastical Turing interpretation, the directors conjoin Lynchian nightmare with the prophetic themes of J.G. Ballard. Audiences will enter the haunting dream world of the legendary scientist, who gave birth to the computer age. Turing’s binary children embark upon a mystical odyssey to explore their creator’s dream diaries in a quest to discover their origins and destiny in the universe.
Probing the infinite possibilities of technology, AL and AL investigate the shaping forces of fantasy and reality. Having established themselves as pioneering artist filmmakers, they combine performance with computer-generated 3D environments to create dream worlds.