file festival
As natural as the daily sunshine, one’s shadow, formerly a constant companion, now often escapes from attention. A silhouette of our physical form, one’s shadow is no more than a flat, disembodied reduction of the contours of one’s self.The installation skia examines the interplay of our shadows and our conscious awareness of our physical displacement of space. In this closed-circuit installation, visitor´s images are manipulated and projected as artificial shadows.What does it mean if one’s shadow suddenly frees itself and develops an alien autonomy? And what has such an estrangement in common with the multiple identities of the post modern ego?


Fabian von Spreckelsen is a young innovative artist and designer who was educated at the College of Fine Arts in Maastricht. He currently handcrafts welded sculptures and creates limited editions using only the finest leather and steel in a shared Studio in Maastricht. His fascination and love for mother earth, its elements and time play a crucial role throughout his collections. Nature and his love for the ‘Milano Chic’ can be clearly recognised in his clear cut lines that are coupled with a post modernist ecological feel.

amalia ulman

Excellences and Perfections

“Sie ist eine multidisziplinäre Künstlerin, die von frühen Webarbeiten und Online-Performances bis hin zu neuen Stücken, die skulpturale Formen annehmen und Installationen, Fotografien und Performance-Acts beinhalten, je nach Projekt, Ausstellung oder Werk unterschiedliche Techniken anwendet. Er versucht, ein Gespräch und eine kritische Spannung zwischen Konzept und Gerät zu erzeugen. Eines seiner Netzkunstprojekte ist Excellences and Perfections. In den sechs Monaten des Jahres 2014 hat Ulman eine Geschichte über Instagram-Posts erstellt, die nicht seine eigene war, obwohl er sie mit seinem Namen signiert hat. Es erzählte von den Erfahrungen eines Zwanzigjährigen, der in der Stadt Los Angeles Erfolg haben wollte. Sie löste sich von ihrem Freund, injizierte Botox, nahm Drogen, unterzog sich einer Schönheitsoperation, erlitt einen Nervenzusammenbruch und tauchte wieder auf, nachdem sie den Tiefpunkt erreicht hatte. Sie erstellte einen vollständigen Bericht mit Hashtags und dem Image und der Ähnlichkeit der Profile vieler Mädchen ihres Alters, die sie im sozialen Netzwerk gefunden hatte. Während sie Tausende von Anhängern mit ihrer Fiktion begeisterte, hatte sie das Projekt bereits mehreren künstlerischen Institutionen in vorgeschlagen Nueva York und stellte es schließlich in der Tate Modern und WhiteChapel Gallery in London aus. So führte er in der Kunstwelt eine Debatte darüber, ob Instagram in Museen eintreten sollte.” Carlos Trilnick

Maria Guta and Adrian Ganea


Performance & live computer generated simulation

A postmodern fairytale, Cyberia takes place somewhere in a cold distant East, stretching between and endless imaginary realm and a vast physical space. It is a westwards journey towards a promised future with no arrival and no return. There is no here or there, only a twilight zone between a departure point and a simulated destination. Between digital video projections and a physical setting, using the mechanics of a video-game engine with a motion capture suit, Cyberia is the simulation of an endless pre-climax state where a performer and a CG avatar dance as one to the rhythms of an imaginary West. In a world oversaturated by digital data –mysticism and paranormal are as popular as ever. Emerging technologies are increasingly incorporated in a form of postmodern spiritualism, as Arthur C. Clarke points out: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Trisha Brown

Newark & M.G
La place de Trisha Brown dans l’histoire de la création Outre-Atlantique est unique : après Martha Graham et sa modern dance, Merce Cunningham qui dynamite les codes, Trisha Brown va s’imposer dans un courant, la danse postmodern qui a influencé nombre de chorégraphes actuels. La danse ici est jaillissante, faite de duos de plus en plus complexes avec bien sûr ce jeu des équilibres instables comme autant de coups d’arrêt au geste. Le plus souvent, sous nos yeux, un couple d’interprètes voit surgir un autre tandem dans un incessant jeu de déconstruction des lignes. Des marches, des courses, des dialogues féconds s’instaurent en scène. Newark est pour beaucoup une des grandes pièces de Trisha Brown.

yvonne rainer

Trio A
Dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and writer Yvonne Rainer is one of the most influential artistic figures of the last 50 years. Her work has been foundational across multiple disciplines and movements: dance, cinema, feminism, minimalism, conceptual art, and postmodernism.


Heavy Industries
I discuss how the poem controls the reader’s experience and how this control affects its possible interpretations. The control is mostly executed by limiting the reader’s freedom over reading. Reading time, direction and duration are determined by the poem. It is only possible to start the poem, but not rewind, stop or fast-forward it. Furthermore, the manipulation of speed affects reading in many ways. In the fast extreme the effect is illegibility, but more subtly used speed creates varieties of emphasis and de-emphasis. The effect of emphasis of this kind, I argue, creates different layers of readings and invites re-reading. These different readings require different cognitive modes, which mirror our contemporary reading habits. Not being in control of the reading process also leads to a scattered sense of unity, one of postmodernism’s essential traits. While reading the poem I also question why I read as I do, and by doing so I hope to present more general traits of how to approach digital literature.

Soichiro Mihara

三原 聡一郎
The Blank to Overcome
file festival
Part of the ”blank” project that the artist has been creating since 2011, “The Blank to Overcome” utilizes air pumps, power supply control circuitry, water, solution, glycerin, ethanol and electricity to produce bubbles in the air. The theme of ”blanks” denotes a space for an unsolved ”inquiry” through the perspectives for thinking about the post-3.11 present: how the bubbles are always shifting as a giant cluster, almost without mass or structure, and the facing up to this; and the framework since modernity that has prescribed society, and the ”involved” or the ”other”. From this work debate will surely emerge.

alfred schnittke

a far cry
concerto grosso no 1
V. Rondo: Agitato
Alfred Schnittke’s haunting first Concerto Grosso for 2 violins, harpsichord, prepared piano and 21 strings,
violinists; Nelson Lee & Meg Freivoge
harpsichord & prepared piano: Andrus Madsen


“It’s a piece by Alfred Schnittke, a Russian polystylist composer who spent most of his life behind the Iron Curtain. Schnittke is underrated. This is perhaps due to his post-modern tendencies, which for lesser composers can be a veil for lack of substance. That’s not the case in this piece. Take a listen to the fifth movement of his Concerto Grosso No. 1 (1977).  It is a great example of how Schnittke freely takes from disparate styles to create an unpredictably effective result”. David Werfelmann


리처드 듀퐁

Manipulating 3-D scans of his own body on the computer, Mr. Dupont then marries digital fabrication methods like rapid prototyping and computer numerically controlled milling with traditional plaster casting and other laborious hand work to make figures that can appear both archaic and futuristic. One of his standing nudes, similar in posture to the Kouros statues from ancient Greece, appears to melt into ripples when viewed on one axis, suggesting the psychic experience of man in the modern world.

Anthea Hamilton

Project for Door (After Gaetano Pesce)
37 anni, Anthea Hamilton è già riuscita ad affermarsi sulla scena artistica britannica e internazionale. Presentando opere ibride tra il kitsch e il surreale, l’artista inglese si interessa alla rielaborazione di immagini e ai modi di rappresentazione mediali moderni. Di grande teatralità, le sue opere rivedono sotto una nuova luce oggetti, capi d’abbigliamento o immagini pre-esistenti, in un processo che vede come protagonista la messa in discussione della loro immutabilità – dove significante e significato vengono scomposti e riassemblati in combinazioni spesso ironiche e mai scontate.

Anna Halprin

Parades & Changes
Parades & Changes, replays is a full scale re-creation of the masterpiece Parades & Changes, a major 1965 work of American postmodern dance legend Anna Halprin. The provocative Parades & Changes, Halprin’s first “collective creation” dynamited the codes dominating dance by exposing the process of performance: improvising around several “scores,” dancers dress and undress, inventing gestures and vanishing naked in rolls of skin colored paper. This “ceremony of trust,” as it was named by Halprin, seeks to utilize dance as a medium for being together: her prolific composition addresses the process, the place, the action, and the performer as both unique and corresponding entities.

Francisco Larios Osuna

Etnomats 001
Francisco Larios es un artista multidisciplinario (México, 1960) cuyo trabajo despuntó en la década de los noventa. Larios ha practicado la pintura, el dibujo de concepto abierto, el uso de “software” para crear entornos visuales bidimensionales y tridimensionales. En su imaginario se cumple la condición postmoderna, en la que la cultura contemporánea es el punto de arranque para la elaboración de escenas que manifiestan un retorno a referentes sacros, temáticas filosóficas y fabulaciones inmemoriales.

Raquel Paiewonsky

Contenedor de ideas
“The work I have been developing in recent years explores the relationship between our essence and our environment ; the contradictions that postmodern urban life generates in us ; and the impact of cultural constructions and stereotypes, always referring to our instincts and the most elementary parts of our nature.”more


Sunburn Ultraviolet Archetypes

For Citarella, objects are sites of dissimulation, never quite what they seem. When taken as a whole, aspects of his solo debut can appear overly oblique, but his work has a refreshing lack of archness that stands in contrast to that of many of his so-called post-Internet contemporaries. Instead, Citarella seems fully committed to the pristine surfaces made possible by modern technology, discovering there a kind of transcendent blankness bordering on the spiritual.


리처드 듀퐁

Manipulant des scans 3D de son propre corps sur l’ordinateur, M. Dupont marie ensuite des méthodes de fabrication numérique comme le prototypage rapide et le fraisage à commande numérique par ordinateur avec le moulage en plâtre traditionnel et d’autres travaux manuels laborieux pour créer des figures qui peuvent paraître à la fois archaïques et futuristes. L’un de ses nus debout, similaire dans sa posture aux statues Kouros de la Grèce antique, semble se fondre en ondulations lorsqu’il est vu sur un axe, suggérant l’expérience psychique de l’homme dans le monde moderne.

Jeff Carter

Construction N
Often occupying both physical and temporal space, my sculpture has always incorporated both conventional and experimental media, including woodcarving, metalworking, installation, kinetics, microelectronics and video. While it tends to be visually diverse, the friction between object and memory has been at the conceptual core of my sculptural practice since 1994. The images, objects and narratives of a particular place or experience undergo distortions each time they are represented, and it is these forms of abstraction I explore in my sculpture.
Earlier bodies of work have utilized the physical residue of my traveling – the souvenirs, postcards, snapshots and videotapes – as central elements of the sculpture, forcing them to reveal their own inadequacy, disengagement or transformation, to subvert the nostalgic ideal, or to disrupt the usual implications of value and validation in a cultural artifact. In later works I utilize the physicality of scale, motion, and orientation to extend and challenge the conventional representation of landscape. These pieces define specific places as indefinite spatial constructs that complicate the certainty of “being there,” and are part of a larger attempt to relate a fragmented travel narrative through architecture, landscapes and souvenirs.
I have been using IKEA products as raw material for several years, and continue to be interested in extracting conceptual value from it. I am currently exploring the relationship between the Modern avant-garde and contemporary consumer design culture. In my recent work, I attempt to articulate various points of connection and rupture between IKEA and the Bauhaus by constructing scale models of demolished or unrealized buildings by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius using “hacked” IKEA products such as tables, bookshelves and flooring.

Rachel de Joode

“Rappresento gli otto simboli planetari sacri e arcaici in modo semplificato, usando artefatti umani moderni per decostruire il significato dei pianeti solari per la civiltà umana nel suo insieme, esaminando il significato del cosmo attraverso la mia realtà. Presento la mia ricerca etnografica umana universale in uno spazio grigio “neutro”: uno stile museologico, attraverso il quale posso collocare la tradizione storica e culturale in un microcosmo personale, creando una visione terrestre dello spazio e del tempo in un macrocosmo.
Questa serie è un’astrazione modernista che indicizza il sistema solare per me stesso al fine di cogliere la vita e, più specificamente, i fenomeni della mia vita nel tempo e nello spazio.
Utilizzando lo spostamento e la riclassificazione dell’interpretazione planetaria scientifica, culturale, storica e ontemporanea, il mio obiettivo, attraverso la visualizzazione, è quello di semplificare la concezione umana dei pianeti simili in orbita attorno al nostro Sole ”.


فلوريان هيكر
Sound Installation
In his installations, live performances and publications, Florian Hecker deals with specific compositional developments of post-war modernity, electroacoustic music as well as other, non-musical disciplines. He dramatizes space, time and self-perception in his sonic works by isolating specific auditory events in their singularity, thus stretching the boundaries of their materialization.
Their objectual autonomy is exposed while simultaneously evoking sensations, memories and associations in an immersive intensity. Some of his works incorporate psycho-acoustic phenomena, disorienting listeners’ spatial perceptions and expanding their conception about sound. Hecker’s most recent recording, Speculative Solution ( Editions Mego, 2011), brings together Hecker’s sonic practice and psychoacoustic experimentation with philosopher Quentin Meillassoux’s concept of ‘hyperchaos’ – the absolute contingency of the laws of nature.
During his residency at MIT, Florian Hecker will research a new sound piece that takes the concept of the “auditory chimera” as point of departure. Originally developed at MIT by Bertrand Delgutte, senior research scientist at the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics, the concept of the auditory chimera inspires an exploration of the relationship between pitch perception and sound localization. Hecker will create a text and sound piece that incorporates the recordings of material read by students. Using an anechoic chamber he will work with students to explore the experiential nature of psycho-acoustic practice.


ג’ון אדמס

Der Werktitel nimmt expliziten Bezug auf die 1911 erschienene „Harmonielehre“ von Arnold Schönberg, einem Komponisten, zu dem John Adams in ambivalentem Verhältnis steht. Adams studierte in Harvard bei Leon Kirchner, der seinerseits Schüler Schönbergs war. Adams respektiert die Bedeutung und Meisterschaft Schönbergs, lehnt aber dessen Atonalität und Zwölftonmusik unter ästhetischen Gesichtspunkten ab. Die Harmonielehre von John Adams lässt sich als Parodie verstehen, jedoch ohne ironische Absichten. In ihr erscheinen vielfache Bezüge zur Musik um die Wende vom 19. zum 20. Jahrhundert, so zu Gustav Mahler, Jean Sibelius, Claude Debussy und dem frühen Schönberg. Als großangelegtes dreisätziges Orchesterwerk verbindet sie Techniken der Minimal Music mit der expressiven Welt der Spätromantik und des Impressionismus im postmodernistischen Sinne.