Neri Oxman

Death mask
Similar to the group’s previous collection of masks – which although released prior to Lazarus are later in concept – the pieces were formed using a Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 multi-material 3D printer, which constructs 3D forms by depositing polymer droplets in layers.

Ziv Schneider

Over the past 50 years, the number of people in the average household has fallen drastically. For the first time in Western world history, the one-person household has become a dominant mode of living. In Manhattan, more than half of all homes have one occupant. For Watertight, we documented 12 New Yorkers and their home interiors with a 3D scanner. We used the Skanect software’s “watertight” function and a 3D printer to create a series of miniature portraits—egg-shaped sculptures the size of a hand. The series of portraits offers a cross-section of a contemporary demographic phenomenon, a form of present-day archaeology.


Murmur Study
Murmur Study (ou l’étude des murmures) est une œuvre d’art originale qui propose une réflexion autour de l’art et du web. Elle a été réalisée par Christopher Baker, Márton András Juhász et Budapest Kitchen, et se veut être un observatoire des technologies de micro-blogging comme Twitter et les status Facebook. L’installation est composée de 30 imprimantes thermales qui impriment en continu des messages Twitter récoltés aux quatre coins de la planète. Les messages tombent des imprimantes comme des chutes d’eau avant de venir s’empiler par terre.