jeremy shaw

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“We can’t predict, nor very precisely describe, what a psychedelic experience brings, and this is probably the most confounding aspect of it all,” Jeremy Shaw



فيليب الزجاج
פיליפ גלאס
필립 글래스
Филип Гласс
Dracula (Bela Lugosi)

Dracula is one of Philip Glass’ many projects that involves adding music to classic films, the most effective of which is probably Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête, which essentially turned Cocteau’s masterpiece into a stunning film opera. His music for Dracula exists in four versions: the original, for string quartet, recorded by the Kronos Quartet; an arrangement by the composer for string quartet and piano; and arrangements for the Philip Glass Ensemble and for solo piano, both made by Michael Riesman, who plays the solo version.


Aluminum Landscape
The silver landscape was constructed out of aluminum foil rolls and scotch tape with help from some of the office’s employees. Transforming a two dimensional material into a three dimensional structure is surprising and fun, as aluminum is very malleable. Beautiful yet strange during the day and mysterious by night, Kimihiko Okada’s towering foil mountains have probably already been re-purposed into something new.


Джонатан Пьюки
Delaunay Raster

Jonathan Puckey is a Dutch graphic designer who can script. He often uses Scriptographer, a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator, so that’s probably why he calls his work ‘conditional design’. ‘Delaunay Raster’ is a project with image vectorization based on Delaunay triangulation.