Andreas Gursky

Gursky parcourt le monde afin d’y dénicher ce qui peut convenir à la réalisation de clichés grand spectacle. Toujours il s’agit d’évoquer un rapport d’échelle opposant le détail à une structure infiniment supérieure. Le détail est souvent l’homme et la structure infiniment supérieure une architecture dont les lignes dépouillées le plus possible vont par leur rigueur et leur composition simplifiée s’opposer au fourmillement de la masse.



Ava’ is Troika’s first sculptural manifestation of their exploration of algorithms. ‘Ava’ is the physical result of emergence and self organisation brought about by ‘growing’ a sculpture through the use of a computer algorithm that imitates the emergence of life by which complexity arises from the simplest of things. As such the sculpture probes at the nature of becoming, existence and our strive to understand and replicate the complexities of life.In a landscape where our personal data is a raw material, and where we, humans, have become subordinate spectators of algorithms and a computerised infrastructure, we ask the question how much or little are we capable of influencing our surrounding reality, how much is predetermined, how much is down to chance.