file festival

“Simulacri” è un arrangiamento sperimentale optophysical. Al centro ci sono quattro pannelli per monitor LCD, assemblati sotto forma di un quadrato cavo e installati all’altezza degli occhi al centro della stanza. L’insieme appare internamente sventrato, ricoperto di vegetazione e abbracciato. Un groviglio di cavi e dispositivi di controllo si riversa al centro della riversa. Tutt’intorno diverse lenti d’ingrandimento pendono da catene. Il raggio abbagliante senza immagini dei monitor sembra come se le immagini fossero cadute da loro. Ciò che rimane è l’essenza del mezzo: la luce. È un’esperienza impressionante e meravigliosa quando le immagini appaiono improvvisamente dal bianco puro al semplice sguardo attraverso una pellicola apparentemente trasparente. Ma se giri l’obiettivo davanti ai tuoi occhi, la struttura polarizzante della pellicola crea sbalzi di colore o addirittura immagini negative complementari.

Keith Lam

Realtà artificiale
L’entità “super-reale” costruita dietro la realtà virtuale, la Realtà Artificiale viene creata e copiata continuamente dal subconscio generato artificialmente, dalla proiezione, travestimento e distorsione dell’immagine reale, al travestimento che non esiste. , separato dall’immagine reale e dal fatto, diventa un mimetismo indipendente, gettato nella realtà che gli umani ancora pensano, e produce una superrealtà che è più reale della realtà, e diventa una nuova realtà. Nella realtà caotica tessuta dalla realtà originale e dall’iperreale generato artificialmente, le nostre vite saranno solo i nostri simulacri? L’iperrealismo diventerà il nuovo “surrealismo”?

Eelco Brand

Imitation is a part of being human. Eelco Brand uses both paint and digital techniques to create images that reflect his conception of nature. In this sense his works are not so much the depiction of an actual place or event, but the way he imagined it and modelled it in the calculated space of digital art. Viewing his work can be both an alienating and deeply human experience. His subjects are modelled to the utmost detail to create a kind of hyperreal cosmos, a simulacrum of nature. Still, we experience these models of forests, cars and mountains as pure conveyers of meaning. These static images speak the language of scale, light, repetition, infinite detail and the deeper meaning of a simple gesture.

Bill Vorn

Prehysterical Machine

The Prehysterical Machine has a spherical body and eight arms made of aluminum tubing. It has a sensing system, a motor system and a control system that functions as an autonomous nervous system (entirely reactive). The machine is suspended from the ceiling and its arms are actuated by pneumatic valves and cylinders. Pyroelectric sensors allow the robot to detect the presence of viewers in the nearby environment. It reacts to the viewers according to the amount of stimuli it receives. The perceived emergent behaviors of this machine engender a multiplicity of interpretations based on single dynamic pattern of events.The aim of this project is to induce empathy of the viewer towards a “character” which is nothing more than an articulated metal structure. The strength of the simulacra is emphasized by perverting the perception of the creature, which is neither animal nor human, carried through the inevitable instinct of anthropomorphism and projection of our internal sensations, a reflex triggered by any phenomenon that challenges our senses.

Lee Yong Baek


Поиск сущности и существования продолжается в недавних картинах Ли «Пластиковая рыба». Настоящая живая рыба, ловящая искусственную рыбу для выживания, а затем похищенная в результате собственной попытки выжить, и человек, который держал бы удочку между ними двумя, этот суровый парадокс существования не является ни мечтой Чжуан Цу, ни мечтой Жана Бодрийяра. Simulacres et Simulation. Возможно, это жестокая боль, как вечное наказание, которое должно нести на плечах все живые существа. Сериал «Пьета, жалко» будет создан в двух версиях: «Пьета: ненависть к себе» и «Пьета: самосмерть». В этой серии скульптур используется как форма (скульптуры), так и сама формованная фигура, при этом форма представляет собой Деву Марию, а формованную фигуру – Иисуса. В «Пьете: ненависть к себе» эти две фигуры злобно сражаются, как бойцы К-1, а в «Пьете: самосмерть» образ Девы Марии удерживает мертвых, слепил Иисуса. Этот сериал метафорически разворачивает противоречия человеческого существования и мрачное варварство цивилизации. Подобно внезапному летнему ливню, работы Ли Ёнбэка несут в себе холод, которого невозможно избежать.


file festival

“SIMULACRA” is an optophysical experimental arrangement. At its heart are four LCD monitor panels, which are assembled in the form of a hollow square, and installed at eye level in the middle of the room. The ensemble appears internally gutted, overgrown and embraced. A tangle of cables and control devices pours out of the middle of the square. All around it several magnifying lenses dangle from chains. The imageless glaring ray of the monitors looks as if the images had fallen out of them. What remains is the essence of the medium: Light.It is an impressive, wondrous experience when images suddenly appear from the pure white by the mere glance through a seemingly transparent film. But if you turn the lens in front of your eyes, the polarizing structure of the film creates wild color shifts or even complementary negative images.


Sculptural Simulacrum

“..Inspiration for this project comes from digital sculpture that created by sculptors who use specialized software to create their work.
In my literature review, I was fascinated to learn how much engineering and math are often involved in digital sculpture and to learn that the process of digital sculpturing has many similarities to pattern making which also relies heavily on mathematic, angles, and precise measurements…” “…One of the most inspiring digital sculptors for me was “Basheba Grossman”. I enjoyed many of his pieces, but was especially inspired from his digitally created bronze knots. In addition to the precise geometry of the knot sculptures, something which, even with the naked eye, it’s apparent that the knots are precise symmetrical pieces. What is also fascinating about the knots is that they exist simultaneously as different shapes that still occupy a single space! Collectively the knots form a sphere, or suggest a cycle or globe, yet the components of the knots are often more like bent stretching disc or arms. The knots have no visible foundation, it is impossible to see where the “starting point” and the “ending point” or even the edges of the sculpture exist..”