Ponte do macaco
Este projeto é a continuação da ponte suspensa. Um formato externo, planejado para o jardim japonês Tatton Park para a bienal de mesmo nome. Esta ponte de corda sairá da água e formará um arco pela tração dos grandes balões de hélio.


monkey bridge

This project is the continuation of the suspension bridge. An outdoor format, planned for the Japanese Tatton Park garden for the biennial of the same name. This rope bridge will come out of the water and form an arc by the pull of the large helium balloons.



El largo ahora
Una pompa de jabón generalmente permanece estable solo por unos momentos: es una esfera perfectamente formada con una superficie iridiscente que refleja su entorno. Como uno de los símbolos clásicos de la vanitas, la pompa de jabón representa tradicionalmente la fugacidad del momento y la fragilidad de la vida. THE LONG NOW aborda la pompa de jabón desde una perspectiva contemporánea, con referencia a sus propiedades químicas y físicas, así como a los recientes avances científicos y tecnológicos. THE LONG NOW tiene como objetivo extender la vida útil de una pompa de jabón, o incluso preservarla para siempre. Usando una fórmula mejorada, una máquina genera una burbuja, la envía a una cámara con una atmósfera controlada y la mantiene en suspensión el mayor tiempo posible. El proyecto se presenta bajo la forma de un montaje experimental en el que la pompa de jabón recién creada oscila permanentemente entre la fragilidad y la estabilidad.


The Movement of Air

A frontal show for three dancers evolving in an immersive environment made up of images projected, generated and animated live. A show where two impossible ones come together: the body that flies, thanks to suspension devices and the body that fits into the image. An acrobatic and digital choreographic writing which outlines a body language opening onto other relationships to time, space and the world. Beyond the search for technical prowess, it is that of a dreamlike movement and writing through images.

Clouds Architecture Office

The project is a partnership between ANA Holdings Inc. and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA); a part of AVATAR X, a collaborative program for the advancement of space exploration and development. ANA and JAXA are both experts at launching vehicles into the atmosphere, the feeling of suspension or ‘being in the air’ is natural for both entities. The AVATAR X Lab Building is designed as a suspended building floating above a moon-like crater. The multi-story structure floats eighteen meters above the crater bottom, and is accessible by a bridge. When astronauts board a spacecraft they cross a bridge; when we board a plane we walk across a jet bridge between the terminal and airplane. This is our last contact with familiar ground before taking off for someplace new. The suspended building embodies this crossing of thresholds: after passing over the bridge you are transported to a new place, the AVATAR X Lab Building, where technological innovation will change how we see the world.

Verena Friedrich

A soap bubble usually remains stable for only a few moments – it is a perfectly formed sphere with an iridescent surface that reflects its surroundings. As one of the classical vanitas symbols the soap bubble traditionally stands for the transience of the moment and the fragility of life. THE LONG NOW approaches the soap bubble from a contemporary perspective – with reference to its chemical and physical properties as well as recent scientific and technological developments. THE LONG NOW is aimed at extending the lifespan of a soap bubble, or even to preserve it forever. Using an improved formula, a machine generates a bubble, sends it to a chamber with a controlled atmosphere and keeps it there in suspension for as long as possible. The project is presented in the form of an experimental set-up in which the newly created soap bubble oscillates permanently between fragility and stability.


Myeong Beom Kim is from Seoul, Korea. He produces otherworldly installations and sculpture works that juxtapose man-made elements with nature to create surreal dream spaces. Utilising suspension as a common motif, his works are constantly poised in a state of ambiguous wonderment. Within his installations, living things are held inside the fragile confines of light bulbs and helium balloons replace tree foliage, literally uplifting the tree and its roots.

Ingo Maurer

The original Birdie suspension lamp was designed by Ingo Maurer himself in 2002. Birdie is the smaller version of the Birds Birds Birds chandelier and is suited for ceiling heights of 230 to 260 cm. With 12 halogen low-volt bulbs, extra produced by Ingo Maurer, and handmade wings of goose feathers this lustre becomes an extraordinary design lamp. The individual wires can be turned, bent and shaped whichever way you like.

Daniel Firman

دانيال فيرمان

French-born artist Daniel Firman was born in 1966. He currently works and resides in Paris. His life-sized body cast plaster sculptures are particularly fascinating. In most cases, they are arranged in odd formations–balancing off of each other, crawling backwards or sideways–and on various suspensions–either up in the air or flopping over metal bars.

Michael Anastassiades

Minimalista y poética como una línea dibujada por un lápiz en el aire, así es esta lámpara de suspensión que Michael Anastassiades ha diseñado para la firma de iluminación Flos. String Lights es un reflejo de la filosofía de trabajo del diseñador chipriota afincado en Londres que siempre busca la esencia tanto de la forma como de los materiales.


oh, dear
Her pictures describe oniric situations, enchanted, sometimes spooky, but always with a touch of glam. In applaying different photo techniques as mirrored images, photo overlapping, refined photo processing, Elle Moss depicts lonely worlds, often autobiographical, almost exclusively feminine, in which all the characters tell feelings about suspension and alienation, entering into undefined space-time dimensions.


E.V. Day is a New York based installation artist and sculptor whose work explores themes of sexuality and humor while employing gravity-defying suspension techniques. She has described her work as “futurist abstract paintings in three dimensions.”

Michael Anastassiades

String Lights
Minimalista y poética como una línea dibujada por un lápiz en el aire, así es esta lámpara de suspensión que Michael Anastassiades ha diseñado para la firma de iluminación Flos. String Lights es un reflejo de la filosofía de trabajo del diseñador chipriota afincado en Londres que siempre busca la esencia tanto de la forma como de los materiales.

Cinzia Campolese

A reflecting panel that dominates an entire space, situated right in the middle of it. Two projectors that, at the opposite sides of the panel, offer a constant flow of images that meet each other and merge together, giving life to a real “virtual window” capable of connecting the souls of two different spaces. Everything among smoky suspensions, proceeding through cones of light: a dreamlike atmosphere to demonstrate that dualities can coexist.


Suspension Dimension
Jonathan Wood’s wearable installation Suspension Dimension is an example how you can make an actual object that looks like 3D spacey data visualization… Suspension Dimension was awarded in 2008 at the awe-inspiring Montana World of WearableArt™ Awards Show in Wellington, New Zealand.

Myeongbeom Kim

Untitled Rope Installation

Après avoir étudié la sculpture à l’Université de Séoul, il complète ses études à l’Institut des Beaux-Arts de Chicago et devient rapidement un sculpteur assez connu grâce à un style surréaliste et provocateur, en utilisant en particulier des éléments déjà présents dans la nature. L’artiste utilise abondamment l’équilibre et la suspension dans ses oeuvres, pour explorer le frontière entre la naturalité et l’artificialité. Un travail intéressant dans la grande tradition de l’art surréaliste.


توماس ساراسينو
Flying Garden
Les recherches de Saraceno ont un objectif très précis, la création de systèmes de vol en plates-formes flottantes dans le ciel, constitués de cellules habitables en suspension dans l’air, qui peuvent changer de forme et se rejoindre comme des nuages. Ce projet, baptisé Air – Port-City, n’est pas une simple expérimentation des possibilités technologiques, mais vise à réexaminer la liberté de voyager d’un pays à l’autre, en relation avec les dynamiques géopolitiques, en n’utilisant que le droit international et en dépassant les restrictions politiques, sociales, culturelles et militaires de la société contemporaine. Au fil des années, cette vision utopique d’une vie suspendue dans le ciel a conduit Saraceno à créer une série de structures expérimentales telles que des ballons gonflables ou des structures modulaires pouvant interagir avec les énergies naturelles. Ses recherches étudient la possibilité de coloniser le ciel, à la recherche de tout appareil pour la vie dans les nuages, dans une bulle transparente, la migration entre les nuages, basée sur les vents et la météo, en utilisant l’énergie solaire.


الكسندر بونوماريف

Chapel Saint Louis, de la Salpetriere, Paris
Periscope installation with a cable suspension system. Metal, plastic, video optic system, acrylic spheres, sound wave generators.
The keystone artistic project of the Paris Fesitval d’Automne will be realized in September 2007, at the Salpetriere chapel in the center of Paris. A 36-meter periscope hanging from the dome forms a rigid vertical, equipped in the lower part with the head of the periscope with an ocular allows any viewer to look at the Parisian horizon, expanding vision in the spectacular spaces of the cathedral. The real-time video image is broadcast on closed-circuit television to chambers, offices and other buildings attached to the chapel of Salpetriere hospital. The patients, doctors and staff have the opportunity to take in the unexpected view point of the random viewer and peek past the horizon. This project has been organized by the French Ministry of Culture and the Energy of Art Foundation, Moscow


The Blur Building (an architecture of atmosphere)
The Blur Building is a media pavilion for Swiss EXPO 2002 at the base of Lake Neuchatel in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.From piles in the water, a tensegrity system of rectilinear struts and diagonal rods cantilevers out over the lake. Ramps and walkways weave through the tensegrity system, some of them providing a counterweight for the structure. The form is based on the work of Buckminster Fuller.The pavilion is made of filtered lake water shot as a fine mist through 13,000 fog nozzles creating an artificial cloud that measures 300 feet wide by 200 feet deep by 65 feet high. A built-in weather station controls fog output in response to shifting climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, and wind speed.The public can approach Blur via a ramped bridge. The 400 foot long ramp deposits visitors at the center of the fog mass onto a large open-air platform where movement is unregulated. Visual and acoustical references are erased along the journey toward the fog leaving only an optical “white-out” and the “white-noise” of pulsing water nozzles. Prior to entering the cloud, each visitor responds to a questionnaire/character profile and receives a “braincoat” (smart raincoat). The coat is used as protection from the wet environment and storage of the personality data for communication with the cloud’s computer network. Using tracking and location technologies, each visitor’s position can be identified and their character profiles compared to any other visitor.In the Glass Box, a space surrounded by glass on six sides, visitors experience a “sense of physical suspension only heightened by an occasional opening in the fog.” As visitors pass one another, their coats compare profiles and change color indicating the degree of attraction or repulsion, much like an involuntary blush – red for affinity, green for antipathy. The system allows interaction among 400 visitors at any time.Visitors can climb another level to the Angel Bar at the summit. The final ascent resembles the sensation of flight as one pierces through the cloud layer to the open sky. Here, visitors relax, take in the view, and choose from a large selection of commercial waters, municipal waters from world capitals, and glacial waters. At night, the fog will function as a dynamic and thick video screen.


جيمس توريل
ג’יימס טורל
설치작품 제임스 터렐
Aten Reign
Dans Aten Reign, une lumière naturelle pénètre à travers le verre du musée et atteint la couche inférieure de la composition massive en suspension. Composée d’une série de cônes interconnectés éclairés par des LED, l’installation circonscrit le cœur de la lumière du soleil avec cinq anneaux elliptiques de lumière aux couleurs changeantes qui font écho au motif des rampes du musée


Water Cathedral

Le pavillon est une initiative horizontale composée de suspension d’éléments verticaux à différentes hauteurs et densités, naturellement afin de sculpter des espaces par des composantes pyramidales qui sont en tissu et en béton pour imiter les stalactites et stalagmites trouvés dans les grottes.
Soutenus par un cadre en acier extérieur minimal, les cônes inversés sont suspendues à partir d’une grille métallique pour capturer l’eau de pluie dans un sac en plastique. Coulant goutte à goutte, avec des impulsions et des vitesses différentes, les gouttes d’eau sortent du revêtement textile pour générer une atmosphère fraîche pour les visiteurs sous la canopée. Les stalagmites formées de blocs de bétondoubles bancs, les personnes plaçant stratégiquement sous les jets d’eau.