ART+COM Studios

In Neo-Natur, tech­nol­ogy and na­ture meet. Its gen­er­a­tive de­sign is based on a math­e­mat­i­cal prin­ci­ple known as Danzer tiling, which de­scribes the ape­ri­odic struc­ture of qua­sicrys­tals. In qua­sicrys­tals, the golden ratio of na­ture, the math­e­mat­i­cal con­stant tau, oc­curs re­peat­edly. Tau and the cir­cle con­stant pi are both used in defin­ing the golden ratio, which ap­pears over and over again in nat­ural struc­tures such as plants. It also de­fines the flo­ral pat­tern of Neo-Natur.