QUBIT AI: Luigi Novellino (aka PintoCreation)

Blob Alien Mouth

FILE 2024 | Interator – Sound Synthetics
International Electronic Language Festival
Luigi Novellino (aka PintoCreation) – Blob Alien Mouth – Italy

The journey begins with Deforum, using the Automatic1111 interface to create basic images with the StableDiffusion XL, EndjourneyXL, and Lora XLFullArt templates. The video undergoes a transformation using the Absolute Reality model and Lora Aurora style, guided by the IPAdapter node and refined by QrCode Controlnet.


Fascinated by the limitless domain of AI, Luigi Novellino adopts the title syntographer, a term that resonates deeply within the community. The artist often asks himself: “am I an artist?” Art, in his view, defies rigid definitions or limits; it represents a fluid expression of creativity that transcends labels. The artist’s ultimate goal is to awaken something in the viewer, provoking thoughts and evoking emotions.


Music: Oleh Boretskyi