QUBIT AI: Michael Sadowski (aka derealizer)

In Love

FILE 2024 | Interator – Sound Synthetics
International Electronic Language Festival
Michael Sadowski (aka derealizer) – In Love – Austria

Fractal structures move to the sound of progressive house as the virtual camera navigates through this fractal world. To intensify the psychedelic quality, a second layer contrasts with the movement, resulting in a joyful madness of colors.


Using Stable Diffusion, a visual synthesizer, the artist turns fantasies into videos using just a PC, similar to the invention of printing 600 years ago. Exploring the interplay between software algorithms that create visual worlds and the artist’s mind guiding this process is incredibly exciting. Unlike traditional cinema, there is no ‘reality’ or humans involved, making it a satisfying medium for creating visual art.


Music: Y do I