Matic Veler

Matic Veler,

​Fashion designer, MA Royal College of Art graduate, specializing in womenswear. Raised in a family of tailors and surrounded by art since childhood. Inspired by researching his aesthetic development since upbringing up until now. One of the biggest inspiration, architecture of 17th and 18th century architecture, especially details and ornaments together with impression of magical environments combined with brutalism architecture he was surrounded in when he was child, help him to translate and reflect when creating garments and installations to impress viewers and customers.

​He uses Baroque architecture details and ornaments as his inspiration. Always starting with collecting different photos of details and studying different architects. 
Matic manipulates the ornaments into collages on which he draw sketches and then making toiles on mannequins.

​The contrasts between the brutality of concrete, the softness of the lines of the Baroque aesthetic and the beauty of magic made him think about the contrasts between them, and how he can translate them into his creations, using different techniques, and materials.

​One of Matic’s great ambitions is to create magical environments and make people to believe, understand his vision and evoke their emotions. Idea of a garment not made just for a functional purpose lead him to become a strong believer of fashion as art, and to become a critic of functionality when it comes to fashion. Each dress is finished by hand and carefully shaped together as a work of sculptor.

​Years of experiences dealing with customers, clients skilled him how to understand different opinions work in a group and together achieving great results. Brilliant sense for details and craftsmanship with knowledge of different techniques keep on improving his aesthetic and passion for his unique way of expression.

​In his opinion fashion is very personal and it should evoke feelings in people; make them happy. It is not just about wearing a garment. We should adore it. Treat is as a work of art.
I was raised in a socialist town in Slovenia built during the communist regime. I was surrounded by sterile, concrete structures, with no art history or direction. This is where my inspiration and passion for the arts was born.

I always loved the different holiday celebrations throughout the year for instance, Christmas: carrying unique and unmistakable scents and the beautiful ornaments surrounding the tree with its sparkles and magical atmosphere. Still, after all these years, my favorite holiday. It represents nostalgic, happy times.

The idea of being in a magical environment led me to study at the Royal College of Art, with a wish to create a garment in space. A magical space, influenced by my growing up in a concrete town, connected to the beauty of Baroque architectural ornaments. Influenced by magical, dreamy and mystic worlds.

The contrasts between the brutality of concrete, the softness of the lines of the Baroque aesthetic and the beauty of magic made me think about the contrasts between them, and how I can translate them in my creations, using different techniques and materials.

It’s all about contrasting elements: Neoprene, which we perceive as a cold and hard fabric, bonded with cashmere, to create a new luxury neoprene. The soft shapes of cut also make the neoprene more delicate and lighter. Acrylic shapes are laser cut and bonded with a heat gun, creating a fragile and soft visual effect. This evolved into experimenting with combinations of paper with crystals, and crystals with acrylic.

The experiment: Paper installations, researching lighting, discovering different proportions and scale of designs, creating shadows, reflections of crystals. How is the dress related to the installation? Projections on installation and garment. Animation.

The result: Creating a new, mysterious world. MY WORLD.