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Alisa Baremboym  Syphon Solutions

source: we-find-wildness
ALISA BAREMBOYM is an American artist based in New York who draws her source from domesticity and the handling of objects that are affiliated to this environment. Blurring the line between photography and other mediums such as sculpture and painting, she creates hybrid objects that investigate, appropriate, and extend critical aspects of materiality, process, abstraction, and pictorial ideas.
Framing a limitless pattern is a way to underline the artifice of the image and it’s relationship to the way reality and depictions of reality interact. There is always an element of translation or conversion that exists in my work and also exists in the basic act of making something. Through the lens of photography, I am framing the subject in a way that is always a translation of what it actually is. The photograph is then transferred to a print on silk which is another translation. I am propelled by the idea that images further extend the shelf life of a consumable thing, but ultimately for a finite amount of time. – ALISA BAREMBOYM in conversation with MICHAEL BILSBOROUGH
ALISA BAREMBOYM was born in Russia in 1982 and received an MFA from Bard in 2010. Her work has been exhibited at 179 Canal, NY; White Columns, NY; Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia; Andrew Kreps, NY; and Participant Inc., NY. In the past year she was included in shows at Showroom, NY, Toomer Labzda, NY, Regina Gallery London, UK and Jason Alexander, NY.