Impermanence Trajectory: the limbic nest.

source: vimeo

The following text is part of an interview with third incarnation AUJIK member Nashii by social anthropologist Aoi Miura. Translated from Japanese to English by Takenori Murano.
Aoi: Would you like to elaborate the thesis about pancomputationalism and how it is implemented in to Impermanence Trajectory: the limbic nest.
Nashii: Pancomputationalism derives from the idea of a computational universe, which means that the whole universe and all of its elementary particles are a network of a computational system and process.
Earlier AUJIK referred to this in terms of natural and unrefined computation but after German AI scientist Jurgen Schmidhuber introduced the more comprehensive view of Panacomputationalism it’s been adapted.
In this manifestation called ‘Impermanence Trajectory: the limbic nest’, this idea is explained through a sacred rock located at an ancient Yamabushi(4) area called Ishiyama.
A rock consist of approximately ten trillion trillion atoms in a kilogram of matter, electrons scattering and bouncing back and forth making it a very vivid space with a vast computational potential.
This rock in particular was discovered by a Yamabushi monk called Gue in 971 and was mainly used for contemplation. They claimed it had huge amount of matter that the called symmetric energy. Yamabushi monks considered them self’s as an isolated cluster and by transcend with this rock they could become a more synchronised entity.

Aoi: Does AUJIK have any relations to Yamabushi?

Nashii: Some of our members ancestors were Yambushi, but other than that I don’t think so.
Anyhow, this symmetric energy they absorbed had a remarkable impact on their mind and made them more aware of nature and the periphery of nature.

Aoi: Periphery of nature?

Nashii: Yes, the non psychical and esoteric nature. Perhaps what we call dark matter.

Aoi: So this rock is basically – according to your manifestation – an intelligent, consciousness being.
Nashii: To a certain extent yes.

Aoi: And with a limbic system?

Nashii: An Artificial Limbic System(ALS). Since the rock- even though it’s psychical form remains intact – been transformed in to a computational process using quantum mechanics and schematic algorithms similar to a cellular automata.
Another aspect of the this ALS is its potential to evolve and develop its own components.
This is visualised in Impermanence Trajectory through various objects/components like the shakan/anti-amygdala, the lotus dendrites and the septum fall.

Aoi: Can you tell us something about the sound.

Nashii: It is based on the frequencies of my brain waves. By reading the electronic activities that happens in my brain with an EEG-device and then transform it in to sound or eventually music with a computer software called OIO. OIO scans all of the parallel brain waves, and by using certain algorithms it generates it in to sound. It becomes an audio map of one’s brain activates.

Full version of ‘Impermanence Trajectory: the limbic nest’ is 7 minutes and in one cut. It is primarily intended for screenings and exhibitions.