女权艺术家 摄影作品
don’t forget me

source: mammothandcompany

Originally from South Tyrol in Italy, Brigitte Niedermair is a self-taught artist who possesses a diverse background in drawing, painting, and photography. She has worked primarily in fashion since 2000, yet still integrates her varied artistic experience in the composition of her photographs.Brigitte specializes in female portraiture. Throughout her work, both personal and commercial, she examines the culture of tradition and modernity, often elegantly juxtaposing opposing forces in a single photograph.Her editorials are featured in magazines such as L’Officiel, Citizen K., Dedicate, Sleek, and Bon. Advertising includes campaigns for Cerruti, Lancaster, Longchamp, and Cristal Saint-Louis.Additionally, Brigitte has shown her work in four solo museum and gallery exhibitions: “Bible, Bird, and Fire” (1999); “MaDonna” (2000); “Let’s get married” (2009); and “Madame Hirsch” (2010).