source: artsynet
Brookhart Jonquil’s abstract sculptures expand on the discourse of postminimalist art. Using unusual and highly aestheticized construction materials and consumer goods—such as two-by-fours, mirrors, neon lights, and magicians’ flash paper—Jonquil mines the histories of postwar abstract sculpture and scientific imagery. Jonquil’s In a Perfect World I (2013) alludes to subatomic crystalline structures as well as referencing Robert Smithson’s use of mirrors and the arching metal frames of Frank Stella’s late sculptures. The piece questions the ways in which images, space, and sculptural objects are perceived and experienced. Jonquil’s “Light Objects” series is similarly referential, echoing the work of Keith Sonnier and Richard Serra. “My work is informed by my interest in science, particularly biology, virology, and perception—how our brains are wired to understand the world around us and its social conditions.”