Holding Hand

source: nuthouse-gallery

DOME, Christian Kraemer

1975 Karlsruhe/Germany

Artist background

1995 Dome discovers spraypaint as medium and uses the walls of “Rheinstrandhalle” in
Karlsruhe/Germany for legal practice.

2000 started study communications design at the academy of art in Mainz/Germany.
First invitation to Wall-Street-Meeting in Wiesbaden (Germany).

2001 First invitation to Amsterdam (Netherlands) for conjointly designing a wall at
Muntplein with various graffiti-artists.

2002 removal from the register of students from the academy of art Mainz.
Started up his own business as an artist.
Further invitations to Meeting-of-Styles-events in various countries followed.

2004 Designing the booth of the clothing companies ECKO and G-Unit at the BREAD &
BUTTER trade fair in Berlin (Germany).

2005 Design of the Meeting-of-Styles-poster. Various business trips to different MoSevents: Antwerpen, Almere, New York,Chicago, San Diego, Mexico City, Wiesbaden,

2006 Free wall design for “Volkswohnung“ at Zaehringerstr. 55 in Karlsruhe/Germany.
Organisation of the first Urban Signs Exhibition in Karlsruhe/Germany.

2007 Dome moves into his new studio at Gotec house of culture.
Organisation of the third Urban Signs Exhibition in Karlsruhe/Germany.

2008 Organisation of the fourth Urban Signs Exhibition in Karlsruhe/Germany.

2009 Organisation of the fifth Urban Signs Exhibition in Karlsruhe/Germany.
Founding the Nuthouse Gallery together with Kelly Amann

2010 Focus on drawing with ink.

2011 Developement of his “limb construction kit“.