Ece Ozalp

What is Real?


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“What is Real?” started as a fashion video project for Ece Özalp’s Perception creation.
It was liked and shared by numerous pages and people. It was included in [Best of 2015] The Year in Projection Mapping list by The Creators Project. It got invited to Weareable FashionTech Festival in Paris and festival’s opening performance was done with a new version. It continued to be displayed in Ece Özalp’s exhibition area
for 1 week.
So What is Real?
What is the debate behind what is real and what is not?
Could the most miniscule building block of reality not be an illusion?
If reality belongs to a spatial and temporal plane,
whose creation would be the action-result borne off reality?
Which came first, nature or God?
If the creator is not God but the human eye and mind itself…
Thus, again,
The Result:
What is Real?

Perception is the first creation of fashion designer Ece Özalp, who is inspired not by what is observed in nature but by perceptions created by exceeding her own perceptions.
The project created based on Perception is a quest both of her and of her illusion…

“A perception of Perception.
An inception, perhaps.”
source: eceozalpdesign
Istanbul based fashion designer Ece Ozalp was started with the goal of combining fashion craftsmanship with designs that represents her feelings towards to world. She translates concepts and moods into shapes and techniques. Ece Ozalp as a designer believes fashion is a link between human psychology, emotion and environment.
Her namesake brand is sending a message to question human nature through beautifully printed & structured garments with a futuristic touch. Her works showcased in not only in fashion festival but art events such as We Are Able Festival in Paris and Identity Dress in Ljubljana. She collaborates with multidisciplinary artists to create immersive experiences inspired by her collection.