Ephraim Henry Pavie Architects and Design


source: pavie
ephraim henry pavie, french borned architect has definitly freed his concepts from the regular geometrical constraints. first there are the free shapes, the smoothness of the curves and openings, and the shiny and polished skin of his “handmade” pieces. inspired by the art of feng shui, the shape of his architecture is like an interface between the inside energies and the outside natural environment. the architect’s creative work has been published in national and international magazines, online and on national television.

projects by ephraim henry pavie are often qualified with words like futurism, biomorphism or organic architecture. pavie has built structures in europe, the united states and the middle east and is currently working on several projects on various scales. his work combines awareness of ecological design with the high-tech ambiance of the international architectural landscape and the creativity of innovative design culture.

pavie architects & design firm specializes in futuristic free shaped structures none-geometric and non-standard.in order to realize such structures, the architect has developed special patented techniques and building methods.

the architect firm provides construction supervision and special training to the subcontractors and their team.