Streakline #1
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Streakline #1 is the second part of Tryptic, a set of three Audio Visual live projects by Franz Rosati started in 2011 with Pathline #1. Every project is based on a strong use of generative/audioreactive 3D Graphics and loud real-time processed sounds coming from field recordings and acoustic instruments, organized and structured via chaos theory and probabilistic algorithms. The visual part, composed by simple lines and dots want to remind to a synthetic/organic life-form morphing by its own behavior in a constant balance between tension, chaos and order. Spasms, tortions, vibrations and high speed rotations, are connected to apparently out of control distorted sounds, suffocated harmonies and outlined irregular pulses, through crescendos and sudden comebacks to silence.
Tryptic [Pathline #1, Streakline #1, Streamline #1] is based on custom made software Honegumi [sound] + Tryptic [Visuals] developed by Franz Rosati and can be reproduced as interactive installation.