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Performance experiments 2012

This experiment have the objective of generating all the sound source in relation of the human touch with to sensors that are connected to the computer and there data is transform in sound impulses that generate with a patch a stochastic composition reflecting the idea of electric activity in the body charge.

This is a project that is under developing.

This work documentation is part of a research for a performance that I am developing integrating in an Master studies. The main objective its generating sound taking as base source the contact with my skin and the electric current in my body. Developing articulations and sound composition in a base of stochastic research with the intention of amplifying the hyper-instrument of the body in context between technology, interface, expression and poetics of noise mining. Comparing casualties, randomness and the construction of meaning…

Hugo Paquete 2012 Aveiro, Portugal Mestrado em criação artística contemporânea