source: janwisse


1977-1982 ZWN-Delft. Study Teacher Visual Arts.
Graduated in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Art History.

1985-1986 Academie van Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam. Academy of Visual Arts.

1986 – Member of ‘Haagse Kunstkring’ -Artist’s Society

1987-1988 ‘Haagse Kunstkring’, Artists’ Society.
Member of the Board and Chairman of the Exhibition-Committee.

1994-1996 Post Doctoral Study: Academy for the Arts, Fine Arts Department, Utrecht.
Art History, Art Philosophy, Cultural History.

1995 – Member of ‘Puchri Studio’, Artist’s Society.

1998 Curator, Organiser and participating artist of “Vormen van betekenis”;
presenting 14 artists; amongst them: Frank Stella, John Baldessari,
Ellsworth Kelly, Peer Veneman, Han Schuil, Ton Mars.

1999 Project Co-ordinator of “Volume & Form -Singapore 1999” (jan-june)
120 Artists from the South-East Asian Region, Australia, New Zealand.

2002 – Member of Delft-Design, Designer’s Society.

2003-2006 Member of the Board of Delft-Design.