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Jana Maré, an Australian photographer, based in Melbourne, recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Photography) (First Class Honours) at RMIT University.

Growing up in Adelaide, Maré explored photography to capture as much as possible and in 1999 after moving to Melbourne, took a passionate interest in street photography while studying at PIC (Photographic Imaging College).
Since graduating with a Bachelor of Media Arts (Fine Art Imaging) from RMIT in 2002 she has continued to create conceptual photographic works.
Her photographs have been exhibited in numerous galleries; she has been the recipient of photographic awards and has recently been published in the annual Australian Creative magazine and the annual Capture magazine as one of the top 5 emerging artists.

Maré’s practice explores performance in front of the camera using the artist’s body.

Maré states “To perform in front of camera – to appear sculptural and at times lifeless – makes me feel alive, especially inside forbidden environments with limited time to photograph. The work is intuitive with a sense of urgency and spontaneity.”

Using the artist’s body in open natural light, the work exhibited explores interior spaces, the psychology of the home left empty and forgotten. The body emerges as furniture, a part of the architecture, the foundations, lending to this space an exposed human presence, camouflaged and part of the urban interior landscape.