Joseph Coniff

Dull Boy

Joseph Coniff  Dull Boy

source: rulegallery

Joseph Coniff’s work investigates and questions themes, ideas, events, and sensibilities evident within culture and society. Each work represents and explains a topic by way of physical metaphor. Through the use of a range of materials and mediums, Joseph aims to translate intangible circumstances into physical representations. These representations make use of shared cultural knowledge, highlighting on the parallel experience and understanding of objects and their role and significance within contemporary life.

“Throughout my work I employ the viewer’s understanding and knowledge of pre-existing readymade objects. With this in place, one can begin to unravel the works physical layers, in turn exposing the overlying subject matter. The use of familiar objects act as an entry point, providing the viewer an accessible way of creating and establishing connections to the greater issue being examined.”

Coniff earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and is an MFA candidate at the University of Delaware. He was listed as one of CBS Denver’s 2012 Top Up-and-Coming Artists and was awarded Denver Westword’s 2012 Best Emerging Artist Show for his exhibition – This Is What It’s Like –
at Rule Gallery.