source: firestationie

My art practice is primarily concerned with perceptions, both emotional and physical, of our three dimensional world, and takes the form of sculpture, installations, photographs, video and sound. “Wooden drawings” is an on-going aspect of my practice and this process involves the placement of uniform lengths of processed wood in various situations in a particular environment, specifically in relation to different aspects of that space or place. These three dimensional interventions endeavor to form a physical and emotive relationship between the art object, space/ place and in particular the viewer.

A site-specific practice, these pieces act as a three-dimensional notebook or diary tracing space, time and the individual. Through these subtle but logical interventions, the work offers the opportunity, in a beautifully simple way, to reassess and acknowledge the world that surrounds us, both natural and man-made. By using the physical language of three dimensions I hope to cause the viewer to not just perceive the artwork but to cause an inward analysis. In the same way that a mirror reflects the world around us, I hope these interventions similarly encourage inner reflection on the viewer’s part.