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Orbit is a kinetic light installation designed for a former railway tunnel. A series of rotors of increasing diameter and speed are positioned along the 80m space, projecting laser beams into the void. Their orbiting constellation targets towards a circular plane at the end of the tunnel.

The viewer follows the rays overhead, approaching the swirling red cells emanating from the vanishing point. The churning rumble of the revolving cogs reveals a machine in perpetual motion. Orbit premiered as part of a curated art and club event in Berlin in November 2012.

Kite & Laslett is an interdisciplinary art practice based in London. The duo; Sebastian Kite and Will Laslett, trained in architecture and music, create experiential environments to choreograph the sensory engagement of people with architectural spaces. Conceptually, Kite & Laslett’s work is rooted in investigations into paradigms of perception and phenomenology. Their practice lies at the intersection of art and architecture, with a particular focus on site-specificity. Kite & Laslett’s installations use structure, kinetics, light, projection and sound as strategies to illustrate new readings of spaces. Inherent to their work is a passion for precision, technical efficiency, inventive materials and elegance.

Since graduating as architects in 2010 (Glasgow School of Art, Westminster School of Architecture), Sebastian and Will established Kite & Laslett, a creative arts and design duo in London. Whilst constructing their own houses and studio inside the shell of a disused warehouse, the duo established their practice. Their studio provides the space and inspiration for rigorous experimentation and prototype making. From technical drawings via engineering solutions through construction to installation, and finally, photographic documentation, the duo possess the skills to realise their ambitious ideas self-sufficiently from concept to fruition. Inherent to their work is a passion for precision, technical efficiency, inventive materials and elegance.

Audiences have encountered their site-specific works in non-art spaces such as churches, prisons, bunkers, railway stations and warehouses, but also the white cube gallery. The artists have recently exhibited in Berlin, presenting their dynamic sculpture Panoptic in the former Women’s Prison in Kantstrasse for platform79 – the berlin project 09/12; kinetic laser installation Orbit + Candescence for curated art event +-0 in derelict Postbahnhof, 11/12 and solo show Lichtspiel at Import Projects Berlin, 02/13.