tower no5 vhs tapes


source: bloglightopiaonline
“In some lights all of this waste is remarkably beautiful.” From the artist, Lorenzo Durantini
It’s not hard to recognize that technology trends come and go, but what happens to all of those out of date products that the world no longer uses? Unfortunately a lot of the merchandise takes up landfill space, but there are a select few that step up to the recycling plate with ideas to repurpose the old products. Lorenzo Durantini’s creative vision for the large plastic rectangle VHS units we were all once googley eyed over, has taken to recreating them into powerful art sculptures.
Lorenzo Durantini’s VHS Tape Recycling: Towers of Tapes

In 2010, this mixed media artist began creating monumental installations using discarded VHS and media pieces. He filled entire warehouse spaces with video tape, built sculptures from 1,000’s of VHS tapes and began to use video and media tape as a means for the primary media for sculptures.