Рейнальд Друхин

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Born in Paris in 1969. Lives and works in Paris and in Rennes. An artist who works with digital material (net and video), he studied plastic arts at Paris Fine Arts School (DNSAP) and at University of Paris 1 (Masters, DEA) and a Hypermedia Multimedia Mastère (ENSBA).
Reynald Drouhin has shown his work at ISEA 2000, in Paris, at the International festival of multimedia urban arts in Belfort, at the Biennial festival 2000 in Montreal and the International demonstration of video and electronic art organized by Champ Libre in 1999. He also took part in ISEA 97 in Chicago, Imagina in Monaco (1998).
He’s received several prizes and distinctions including the Grand Prix for Digital Creation and the Special Award of the Toshiba Jury in 2003, the Video Award of the FIAV in Tangers (2001), the Grand Prix at the Cyberfestival of Reuil-Malmaison as well as the Auvergnes-Videoformes DRACs Multimedia Award in 1999. He has obtained several residencies: at C3 in Budapest (2000), at CICV in Belfort (2000-2001), at Europeo in Italy (2001) and at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (1997). Currently he’s artist-teacher at Fine Arts School in Rennes and member of the group.

Artist’s Statement

Sometimes, mischievous children hiding behind bushes leave a banknote on the sidewalk and nimbly pull it away with an invisible string when a surprised passerby dares to try and pick it up.
I can easily imagine Reynald Drouhin in this type of exercise.
I also imagine him exploring the caves and attics of uncertain rich uncles, searching for a magical treasure.
Finally, I imagine him slowly drifting into immense wastelands wondering about the whys and the wherefores of the fate of these piles of objects abandoned by other natives.

In other words, I imagine Reynald Drouhin as someone who grew up too quickly and who has never completely recuperated from his encounter with the local population.

The locals from elsewhere glide on the web and it is with them that Reynald tends to practice virtual handgliding.
He behaves like a Sunday painter who works without a canvas, without colors or without any particular subject, and who sets up his virtual easel by the road where people walking past stop, stupefied to see images from their own imagination unfold right in front of them.
We are dealing here with a painter who contents himself with creating situations allowing others to perform every possible rearrangement, visual cross fertilizing, collages of symbols, of signs, of images… The Web is great and Datadada is its prophet. For Reynald, in any case, the situation seems clear: since everything and its opposite gravitate and bustle and multiply to infinity within the twists and turns of networks, he might as well dig into the inexhaustible (and sometimes depressing) manna of data in order to construct his visual cathedrals with virtual matchsticks.

Beneath the appearance of a lost monk in a library reduced to ashes, Reynald Drouhin, patient, discreet, enduring and clever is even able to produce an art that is cheerful, light, friendly…
Precious, isn’t it?

Pierre Bongiovanni (extract from Frags, Publication, 2003, Erba Rennes)
source: cargocollective

Né en 1969, l’artiste contemporain Reynald Drouhin vit et travaille à Paris et enseigne le multimedia à l’école des beaux-arts de Rennes.
Il a étudié les arts plastiques aux beaux-arts de Paris (DNSAP et Mastère Hypermédia Multimédia, 1998) et à l’Université Paris 1 (Maîtrise, 1994).

Sa pratique intègre les outils numériques, la photographie, la vidéo, l’installation et la sculpture. Il ne se contente pas d’un espace dédié (celui de l’Internet, d’une surface de projection ou de la spatialité d’une galerie) mais appréhende tour à tour différents possibles, cherchant ainsi à révéler autre chose que le visible, tel un espace parallèle, fantomatique, étrange, ou résultant de données codifiées.

Il a participé aux événements organisés par Digital Arti (2011), à la biennale de Rennes (2010), il a entre autres présenté son travail à la galerie Numeriscausa pour les expositions “Ghost Walk” (2009) et “Il était une fois…” (2007), à la galerie des beaux-arts de Lorient (“Sans titre”, 2006), à la Biche de Bere Gallery (“Natural/Digital”, 2005), à Confluences (2003), à la galerie Public (2001), au Festival international d’arts multimédias urbains de Belfort (2000), à la biennale de Montréal et à la manifestation internationale vidéo & art électronique organisée par Champ Libre (Montréal, 2000 et 1999) et à ISEA (Chicago, 1997).

Il a également reçu plusieurs prix et mentions dont l’aide à la Création Multimédia Expérimentale (Arcadi, 2007), la bourse départementale d’aide individuelle à la création du MAC/VAL (2005), le Grand Prix Scam de l’oeuvre d’art numérique interactive (2003), le Prix vidéo du FIAV à Tanger (2001), le Grand Prix au Cyberfestival à Rueil-Malmaison ainsi que le prix Multimédia de la DRAC Auvergnes-Vidéoformes (1999).
Il a accompli plusieurs résidences : à La Chartreuse en France (2011), à Européo en Italie (2001), au CICV à Belfort (2000-01), au C3 à Budapest (2000) et à Carnegie Mellon University à Pittsburgh (1997).

Il est membre du collectif depuis 1996, Président (de 2008 à 2010).
Il a été représenté par la Galerie Numeriscausa de 2005 à 2009 et par Dexter Gallery de 2010 à 2011.