Sibilla BONFANTI   luce

source: suckerpunchdaily

In an era where utopia no longer inhabits the city or its spectacular metaphor, the exception can be recognizable in the production of structure dressed up as imaginary. “Luce” is a proposal for an avant-garde theater designed as a temporal, modular, adaptable venue where utopia becomes reflected in the structure’s ephemeral apparition and transient presence. In Luce’s theater, architecture serves as a possible background, a setting, a building that can be calculated and transformed into the measurements and concrete materials of an often elusive feeling, where architecture provides a stage for life within public spaces acting as backdrops for life’s experiences—and where the theater acts a metaphor for one’s beliefs. A productive structure where architecture ends and the world of imagination begins. The characterizing concept behind Luce theatre is to explore the emotive power of a space, its ability to aid storytelling, and the possibility of be manipulated to achieve a dramatic purpose, within solid base principles and new experimental, formal expression and technological performance. It is imagined to be built in accordance with principles of sustainability and with respect for the environment, and to be constituted of low-resource materials in accordance with a “tradition of the new.” The goals of the project are indeed at the same time to produce a performance venue of provocative and highly refined designs, and to experience the significance of a new technology and its implications for architectural practice. The significant emphasis on the structuring logic of tectonics has result in an innovative structural approach. Today we are experiencing a significant new wave of design in architecture. As such, the project’s important shift has been fully defined as a highly dynamic synthesis of emerging principles of spatial, structural, and material ordering integrated through the application of materialization and fabrication technologies. For these reasons Luce is a project for a theater both focused in architectural design and highly technical in focus.