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The installation continuously creates new situations — both in terms of temporary as well as spatially aspects — and affects not only its own physical appearance and the inner capacity of the sculpture, but also the space surrounding it.

The skin builds a geometrical body as a reference to Buckminster Fullers idea of “continuous tension – discontinuous compression”, which also can be interpreted not only for physical structures but as a formal theory for working with time. The observer — an autonomous time basis for himself — can experience the sculpture as being a part of the surrounding space and perceive the continuously changing environment as an encapsulated, connected entity.

The spectrum of KASUGA’s work ranges from audio-visual installations for and with spaces, interactive media experiences, specialized software solutions, graphic and interaction design and physical objects. KASUGA works with specialists from the disciplines of design, engineering, sound, computer science, programming, architecture and 3D/CGI. Besides developing projects for industry and enterprise needs, the studio initiates and realizes contemporary media art pieces.