The Babylon pipeline

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The Babylon pipeline is a multi-channel sound and light interactive installation and a fountain in a form of a complex spatial maze of plumbing pipes. It is equipped with a variety of speakers and microphones that record and distort phrases of visitors. When a visitor says something into the pipe, its phrase, cry or any other noise gets into the maze, transforms and begins to sound at random in different variations from the other pipe.

The idea behind the installation is an attempt to shape communicative fragmentation and distortions of meaning into a visual and audible form. It also may be percieved as a social experiment, that provokes visitors to leave an anonymous message from an unknown to the respondent – a message that loses its original meaning and being transformed into abstract. At the same time, glimpses of the undistorted message leave a hope that the message will be conveyed with due patience and desire to overcome the misunderstandings. This installation also reflects on the subject of constant use of electronic intermediaries to communicate.