Jonattas Poltronieri, Luis Mello, Pedro Venetucci & Rofli Sanches
Phantom Limb

Just like the original box, the installation is a rectangular unit where the user inserts his arm and is urged to move it in different ways. The similarity with the original object disappears as, instead of having a mirror to provide the image that motivates the interaction, there is a screen that mediates the user’s view and the place where his arm actually is. The displayed image of the user’s arm can be reversed, distorted and coloured, among several modifications to simulate in a rich way the strangeness of not having control over a member, and to question whether what is seen is an accurate portrayal of the real body. Although deep and subjective, the topic addressed in this experience is easy and accessible in its interaction, offering various sensory feedbacks to the user. Through it, it is proposed that we experience and reflect upon the disconnection between thought and body, intention and action, sensation and reality.




A Portrait of John Lennon
Working Class Hero


King A Potrait of Michael Jackson




King (A portrait of Michael Jackson)

Pierpaolo Piccioli

Fall 2018
“L’installazione di Pierpaolo Piccioli è stata la prima che hai incontrato entrando nello spazio cavernoso. Era come entrare in una cappella, con le tele del monaco artista Sidival Fila appese alle pareti; e sui manichini, mantelle, mantelle e gonne a trapezio disegnate, diceva Piccioli, per evocare la Madonna. Quasi divini nella loro semplicità, non saranno estranei ai suoi seguaci di Valentino.” Nicole Phelp

studio smack

PARADISE – A contemporary interpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights

Lo Studio Smack, meglio conosciuto per il video musicale Witch Doctor di De Staat, ha rilasciato una nuova animazione: un’interpretazione contemporanea di uno dei dipinti più famosi del primo maestro olandese Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights. Nel loro ultimo lavoro, il gruppo ha ripulito il paesaggio originale del pannello centrale del dipinto di Bosch e lo ha ricostruito in un’allucinante animazione 4K. Le creature che popolano questo parco giochi al coperto incarnano gli eccessi e i desideri della civiltà occidentale del XXI secolo. Consumismo, egoismo, evasione, richiamo dell’erotismo, vanità e decadenza. Tutti i personaggi sono metafore per la nostra società in cui i solitari sciamano nel loro mondo dei sogni digitale. Sono riflessi simbolici dell’ego e dell’immaginazione delle persone come si vedono, a differenza della versione di Bosch, in cui tutti gli individui sembrano più o meno uguali. Da un Hello Kitty arrapato a un serpente del pene che caccia alla coca Da uno spybot incarnato a polli fritti senza testa. Questi personaggi, una volta figure di sogno dipinte con precisione, sono ora modelli 3D creati digitalmente. A tutti loro è stato dato il proprio ciclo di animazione per vagare nel paesaggio. Inserendoli tutti insieme in questo affresco sintetico, il quadro non è mai lo stesso. Ciò che l’animazione e il trittico di Bosch hanno in comune è che difficilmente riuscirai a sopportare tutto, puoi guardarlo per ore. “Paradise” è stato commissionato dal Museo MOTI nei Paesi Bassi per la mostra New Delights, che fa parte del 500 ° anniversario di Hieronymus Bosch. Una gigantesca installazione video di quest’opera è esposta nel Museo fino al 31 dicembre 2016.

Glenn Branca

Lesson Nº 1 + The Ascension
Glenn Branca has always been a musician positioned halfway between the role of avant-garde composer and that of a rock musician. A pupil and disciple of the masters of American minimalism such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Philip Glass and Steve Reich, he has always had to fight against prejudice and fierce criticism. His position was certainly uncomfortable, too academic for rock fans and too “politically incorrect” for academics. In fact, Branca was trying to unhinge all the limits imposed by the rigid schemes of the avant-garde, aware of the fact that those who want to be truly avant-garde should have no limits. John Cage was also able to criticize him, even calling him a fascist ( Luciano Berio also did so for all minimalists) for the excessive rigidity of his compositions, even though he recognized his innovative power. After having created his best known album, The Ascension (1981), a true monument of maximalism played with a classical rock formation (guitars, bass and drums), he tries to approach a different format, the Symphony, as always halfway between rock and academia. Branca will like the experiment and will re-propose it several times in the following decades, to date there are sixteen symphonies (not all recordings are available). Here is how young Branca’s ensemble appeared to the American composer John Adams in one of his first live performances of the First Symphony: “Branca’s event that I listened to at the Japan Center Theater in San Francisco in 1981 was one of his symphonies for guitar . The group didn’t look very different from thousands of other independent or alternative rock bands of the time: guys in jeans and worn t-shirts busy with cables while maintaining that typical distracted expression of rock musicians.


Stan Douglas

When one spacecraft embarks on its journey, another is launched at the same time in a parallel reality. Alice, a solitary astronaut, is teleported to a distant planet, and so is her double. When Alice and her ship return, she assumes her mission has failed and she has somehow returned home; but she has, in fact, arrived at a world where everything is the reverse of what she once knew. Doppelgänger presents a nuanced and layered parable that powerfully addresses the slippery notion of objective truth, and the position of the ‘other’ in contemporary society.

Mathias Gartner & Vera Tolazzi

“The Transparency of Randomness” gives insight into the world of randomness. In this interactive installation, visitors can directly experience the significance of the complex interplay of randomness and stochastics in current mathematical and physical research. 27 transparent boxes, floating in space, continuously generate random numbers by using the well-known medium of the dice.The process of random number generation is influenced by the complexity of nature and its structures, using a variety of natural materials. The ensemble of all generated random numbers forms the basis of a real-time calculation and comprehensibly demonstrates the impressive role in scientific research.

Carsten Höller

Dice (White Body, Black Dots)
“Carsten Höller likes to unsettle, upset, delight and surprise. You get out of one of his shows and feel like you’ve lived through ‘something’ new and totally unexpected.”Régine Debatty


Reality is not Always Probable
‘Reality is not Always Probable’ is constructed from tens of thousands of colourful dice and is generated, line by line, by manually emulating the rules of a simple computer binary program. Its title references a quote by Jorge Luis Borges and men’s disquiet towards a lack of controllable or predictable events and the belief that complete knowledge is impossible.


Indice de l’indifférence
Montreal-based fashion designer and professor at UQAM, recipient of the Phyllis-Lambert Design Montréal Grant, Ying Gao questions our assumptions about clothing by combining urban design, architecture and multimedia. She explores the construction of the garment, taking her inspiration from the transformations of the social and urban environment.

Regina José Galindo

A Regina José Galindo le interesa crear experiencias, pues considera que es donde más se puede crecer y aprender. Por eso crea experiencias que generen preguntas y puedan ir más allá. Asimismo, dice, le “interesa crear obras donde se modifiquen o desplacen las relaciones lineales entre el público y la obra de arte. Romper los esquemas es necesario en todo proceso de transmisión de información, para que el conocimiento no se estanque”.

alexander mcqueen

الكسندر ماكوين
알렉산더 맥퀸
אלכסנדר מקווין
Александра Маккуина
Android Couture

Presented on the cusp of the new millennium, Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 1999 collection for famed French fashion house Givenchy captured the new fascination with personalized digital technology in popular culture. At the culmination of the show, two models appeared outfitted in molded Perspex bodices studded with flashing LED lights and glowing leggings patterned like computer chips. The creation of a digital aesthetic and its intimate application to the body—an android-like amalgamation of the physical and digital—anticipated the “wearables” trend and the formation of the digital self. Known for his exquisite tailoring, meticulous detailing, and ambitious collections, McQueen also represented one of the remaining visionaries of haute couture extravagance.

Byoungho Kim

Бйонхо Киму
Floating Land

Este artista nacido y establecido en Seul trabaja con esculturas muy visuales que a veces rozan la linea que separa la escultura de la máquina. En muchas de ellas investiga con las posibilidades del sonido convirtiéndolo en arte. El artista surcoreano califica su obra como “Fantasía construida, fantasía del deseo, y una fantasía de nuestro tiempo”. Byoungho Kim dice que “la humanidad está en la búsqueda continua de nuevos deseos” y esa es una buena reflexión que también puede definir su obra a la perfección.

Ricardo Barreto and Raquel Fukuda

The almost ideal game

Gilles Deleuze about the Ideal Game: we are surprised when he postulates as the first rule: “there is no rule”. Soon, all the other games that have some rule are, for him, partial. That is, products of the ideal game.

A game where there are no rules implies a completely free game creatively. The question to be raised is whether there is a grey region between the ideal game and the partial games, so that the rules established in the partial games could be suspended. This way we could unpartialise the games bringing them closer to the ideal game or some kind of almost ideal game.
If we take the rules of any game, it means it stops to work immediately, except in the ideal game. Therefore, the key question is: how to suspend the rule of a game (Dice games) so that it can continue to work?


Tom Beddard

box pyramid 1

Dopo il dottorato, il mondo del boom di Internet “dot-com” era più attraente del mondo accademico, quindi Tom è diventato uno sviluppatore web specializzato in sistemi di gestione dei contenuti di e-commerce. Negli ultimi dieci anni Tom ha lavorato per una varietà di agenzie in Scozia e ora lavora attualmente alla 55 Degrees di Glasgow, specializzata in mostre museali interattive e produzione video. Tom si considera un “programmatore creativo”, un tecnico che apprezza anche l’estetica. Il suo sito, subblue.com, è dove scrive programmi e plugin che esplorano la grafica matematica e generativa. Ove possibile, questi esperimenti sono interattivi e hanno il codice sorgente disponibile per il download. L’esposizione del suo sito e dei plug-in Photoshop e After Effects che ha rilasciato hanno portato alla creazione di copertine di libri, video musicali e immagini di scena.

Keith Tyson

Geno Pheno Sculpture: Fractal Dice No. 1


Nature, Fear, Entity
Nature, Fear, Entity sont trop importantes pour être traitées. Bien que je sois d’accord avec les sources de la douleur, elle existe inévitablement dans chaque expérience personnelle, mais je ne donnerai aucun indice détaillé, mais pour comprendre l’expérience dans un respect macro et la transformer en création. For me, transformation is a key method, sometimes when you see some scenes or chapters, seems like impossible to happen in the reality, but after a while when you think backward, probably you would feel that’s exactly how they should/originally are, an apperance after transformation. So transform becomes a very important channel to connect the interconnectness of things, to unseal some questions you would like to discuss; this is why I like to apply it often.


genius idea
Je porte une attention particulière à l’aspect fonctionnaliste de notre système d’organisation sociale en tant que modèle de société. Pour créer l’effet d’une tension entre ce qui est individuel et collectif, j’utilise des objets, mobilier et matériaux fonctionnels comme des indices de notre logique de vie. Mes installations, performances et objets questionnent des mouvements de masse (ex : prendre le métro) pour montrer du doigt notre société qui préfabrique et standardise nos désirs et nos besoins. Par l’accumulation, il se trame une matière première à partir de laquelle elle élabore des mises en scène minimalistes ou exubérantes qui questionnent nos moments collectifs (ex : pique-nique, mariage, réunion universitaire) tout en indiquant des préoccupations d’ordre politique et écologique.


bodice rocker


LLuvia interactiva / Rain interactive
Había una vez una piscina y un equipamiento deportivo que desaparecieron por la avaricia. Dijeron que iban a remplazarlos por algo más grande, limpio y moderno pero el dinero se esfumó y en su lugar quedó un solar vacío lleno de escombros. Los vecinos de la zona lograron recuperar ese espacio de forma temporal para convertirlo en un lugar para el ocio, eventos culturales y jugar al baloncesto. Había nacido un experimento vecinal que pasó a llamarse El campo de cebada en el barrio de La latina, en Madrid.Actualmente sigue allí pero falta la piscina, un hecho que luzinterruptus no ha querido que se olvide. El pasado mes de mayo el colectivo artístico presentó lluvia profiláctica que no moja durante una noche, una instalación lumínica que desplegaron en El campo de cebada.
Bastaron 800 condones “extragrandes y extrafuertes”, pequeñas luces en su interior y agua azul “para convertirlos en grandes gotas, con tacto y forma de pecho de silicona, muy agradables de palpar y apretar. Con ellos creamos un espacio cúbico, delimitado por gotas suspendidas en las que uno se podía sumergir y acariciar, escuchando el suave sonido del agua moviéndose”, explican en su web.“Gracias a la magia de la luz y el agua, conseguimos convertir 800 vulgares preservativos en un refugio sensorial y relajante, apto para todos los públicos”
El proyecto es una continuación de una instalación que realizaron el año pasado en el mismo lugar en el que, según dicen, recordaban “la experiencia de la piscina con envases reciclados”.“El agua volvió a llevarnos a este espacio, anteriormente ocupado por una piscina pública y que desde hace dos años sirve de plaza pública a vecinos y artistas que trabajan de manera desinteresada para darle vida”.Los poderes políticos en Madrid han declarado que buscan inversores para construir un centro comercial en el Mercado de la cebada. A cambio, afirman que tendrán que costear la construcción del nuevo polideportivo, algo que no convence a estos artistas.“Desgraciadamente, la voluntad política pronto hará de él un mercado de lujo y ocio para turistas con alto poder adquisitivo, dejando el uso deportivo que tanto necesita el barrio reducido al mínimo y, desde luego, lejos del alcance económico de los vecinos de la zona”.


Dice Figures


aqua dice


פינה באוש
Пина Бауш
بينا باوش
Orphee et Eurydice