Daniel Widrig

‘SnP’, 2018, recycled plastic, injection moulded

“Widrig’s art breaks down the boundaries between disciplines; borrowing tools traditionally associated with one industry and using them in other fields, in often unanticipated and exciting ways. Widrig uses computer simulation processes and advanced technologies adopted from the special effects business to create sculptural 3D-printed craftwork—digital designs materialize into intricate sculptures in glass or recycled plastic and furniture pieces with impeccable undulated thin surfaces,” Devid Gualandris

German Ermics

Ombré Glass Chair

“German Ermics is a Latvian designer who has recently presented to the public his splendid Ombré Glass Chair, which embodies the perfect tribute to To Shiro Kuramata and his iconic Glass Chair (1976), considered one of the iconic furniture designers of the 20th century. The keyword of his creation is “simplicity” combined with the transparency and the apparent lightness of the material, the result is an elegant minimal work.Another peculiarity of the chair is that it was manufactured with a new industrial product, the Photobond 100, welded without the use of screws or mounting-reinforcements, thus eliminating any superficiality.” Claudia Fuggetti


زها حديد
זאהה חדיד

The Moore Building is located in the heart of Miami’s famed design District. This historic venue was built in 1921 as the furniture showroom space for Moore and Sons. The truly unique building boasts four floors of arcaded spaces totaling more than 20,000 square feet. The soaring central atrium accommodates 4,400 people for receptions and 1,100 for seated events.On permanent display in the atrium is the site-specific installation “Elastika,” created by Iraqi-born London-based architect, Zaha Hadid, and commissioned by owner Craig Robins, president of Dacra.


Карло Айелло дизайн-студии
The Parabola Chair

Kресло Parabola, спроектированное бюро Сarlo Aiello Design Studio, простое и сложное одновременно. В основе его дизайна лежит криволинейная поверхность, которая называется гиперболическим параболоидом. Однако конструкция модели несложная. Сиденья, подлокотники и спинка – это единая непрерывная структура из хромированной стали, а не части целого. Wирина кресла Parabola 71см, длина 97см, а высота 93 см. В 2013 году модель получила престижную награду International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) Studio Award.

Ronen Kadushin

Hack Chair Prototype
Ronen Kadushin (b. 1964) is an Israeli designer and design educator living in Berlin since 2005. He taught furniture design and design creativity courses at leading Israeli and European design academies since 1993. In 2004 Kadushin developed the Open Design concept, where the designs of his products can be downloaded, copied, modified and produced, much as in Open Source software.


A student from Danish Design School, Ellinor Ericsson has designed a chair called TubeMe which was exhibited on the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011. In designer’s words, “The TubeMe chair is about a tactile interaction with a chair. You are able to braid the naked chair with pillow tubes creating your own upholster with the different textiles. While actually sitting in the chair you can interact with it by using the tubes or just throw them around you and fall asleep being embraced.”



Primitives is an installation that combines the romantic tradition of ruined landscapes with modular fractals. First realized across the entry of the Venice Biennale in 2010, it is comprised of loosely dispersed furniture elements that appear like rock piles, each one unique but formed from the same universal building block. Like microcosms in the distance, the clusters are imagined as islands falling apart and building back up, organizing and eroding at once.

ronan + erwan bouroullec

17 screens

French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have been working together for over 20 years now. Their interpretive approach to design channels the discussion away from notions of aesthetics or technology towards a more conceptual setting. Drawing primarily on organic phenomena, they produce furniture and design elements that converge in intricate formations, like a sophisticated second nature that undermines the commonplace hierarchies of objects and space through units that are essentially moveable.


Furniture Bondage – Hanna
Besitztümer, wie erwünscht oder nützlich sie auch sein mögen, können im Laufe der Zeit zu einer Belastung werden. Sie werden aber auch zu einem sehr realen Teil dessen, wer wir sind und welches Leben wir für uns selbst aufbauen. Melanie Bonajo untersucht unsere Beziehungen zu materiellen Objekten und die Rolle, die sie bei der Schaffung von „Selbst“ spielen. Die Serie Furniture Bondage spricht für die Notwendigkeit einer perfekten Harmonie mit der Welt um uns herum. Das Ergebnis ist eine neue lebende Form, eine Verschmelzung des menschlichen Körpers mit seinen äußeren Einflüssen.


ميكا تاجيما
here or there
ミカ・タジマ(ロサンゼルス、カリフォルニア1975)Here or There、2007は、さまざまな素材で構成された建築インスタレーションであり、観客に作品とその周辺の空間との交流の機会を提供します。 2番目のインスタレーションであるseriesFurnitureArtは、ニスを塗ったプレキシグラスパネルで構成され、グリッドのような順序で壁に配置されています。 アーティストは、抽象的なイメージを地理的な場所に関連付けるのが理想的です。 但馬美香の作品は、2011年にオースティンのビジュアルアートセンターやフィラデルフィアの芸術大学などの重要な会場で展示されました。