Jacqueline Hen

Light High
The installation LIGHT HIGH is aimed at guiding the perception through targeted acoustic and visual phenomena into border areas in which ambivalent experiences set in and the habitual experience of space is abolished.[…] A mirrored ceiling together with a thin reflecting surface of water on the ground and a grid arrangement of lights are creating the spatial illusion of an infinite vertical space of light and darkness. By traversing a small bridge, the visitor can cautiously discover the immersing endlessness beneath his/her feats and above his/her head.

Caroline Rothwell

Infinite Herbarium
Infinite Herbarium heeft tot doel onze ervaring van de uitgestrekte, diverse botanische wereld uit te breiden – door connectiviteit te creëren met planten en hun bedreigde ecosystemen. Via een proces van interactief leren en kunstproductie worden de ontmoetingen van deelnemers met echte planten gefilterd door datasets en historische archieven met behulp van een combinatie van Machine Learning (ML)-technieken. Verbindingen tussen botanie, data en kunst leiden tot fantasierijke ontmoetingen met merkwaardige hybride soorten – het creëren van een digitale weerspiegeling van de constante stroom van levende systemen.


무한 식물 표본관
Infinite Herbarium은 광대하고 다양한 식물 세계에 대한 우리의 경험을 확장하는 것을 목표로 하며, 식물 및 멸종 위기에 처한 생태계와의 연결성을 창출합니다. 양방향 학습 및 예술 작품 제작 과정을 통해 참가자와 실제 식물의 만남은 머신 러닝(ML) 기술의 조합을 사용하여 데이터 세트 및 이력 기록을 통해 필터링됩니다. 식물학, 데이터 및 예술 간의 연결은 호기심 많은 잡종 종과의 상상적 만남으로 이어지며 생물 시스템의 끊임없는 흐름을 디지털로 반영합니다.

adeline tan

octopuss garden
Adeline Tan aka mightyellow is an illustrator and visual artist based in Singapore.Singapore is a modern city-state that people call the “garden city”. It is really like a garden, lots of arranged greenery and manmade stuff, not a lot of naturally occurring forests. Taking inspiration from personal experiences, the environment and popular culture, Adeline imagines alternate realities to current situations

Esseline Keeven

Esseline is a Biomimicry designer. She draws her designs with nature as a source of inspiration. Her recent designs are inspired by the beautiful shapes and patterns that you see when you look at cells at a microscopic level. The arrangement of lines in her flat design has a major influence on the final bulging of the printed 3D objects.
Photographer: Andy Hendrata

Céline Park

Fungus Wearable
The Fungus Wearable was designed based on the assumption of ‘What if… people elevate their immune system by wearing the portable vaccine attenuated fungus?’ The cloth is made with solid agar which can maintain the fungus to grow fast and maintain itself.

Marline van der Eijk

In de zacht aanwezige performance van Marline van der Eijk verstrijkt de tijd wél heel duidelijk. De performance, zeker wanneer die niet met filmbeelden wordt vastgelegd, is natuurlijk bij uitstek het medium waarin de tijd een onderdeel, zeg maar gerust een gereedschap is. Met enige zorg wordt de bezoeker een klompje ijs in de vorm van een hand aangeboden om enige tijd in eigen handen te koesteren. Maar wat doe je met zo’n ijskoud smeltend handje? Het koesteren in hartelijkheid en vriendschappelijkheid? Daardoor zal het des te harder smelten. Daartegenover is het vrijwel onmogelijk deze handreiking van Van der Eijk te weigeren.

Pauline Van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen researches the body in a technologically textured space. After graduating from ArtEZ, Academy of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, she started her own womenswear label in 2010. Pauline operates a meticulous research of the behaviour of experimental and high-tech materials, combining new technologies with traditional techniques to constantly renovate craftsmanship. Working closely with companies from the field of science and innovation, Pauline aims to merge fashion and technology giving life to scientific creations.

Pauline Darley

Kamilya Kuspan
La belleza no puede esconderse, vive y existe para revivir las miradas, para hacernos girar la cabeza y admirarla entre todo aquello que es prescindible. La fotografía de Pauline Darley seduce a punta de perfección y locura, ingredientes que no se equivocan al transformar los sentidos, imágenes que recrean lo maravilloso de convertirse en piel.

Pauline Thomas

Gorgeous : In the neck of time
The idea of making tilt-up portraits came to me as a consequence of a low-angle auto portrait shot as I was happened to learn singing techniques, and a visit to the Erechteion temple in Athens. Originally, I had taken this autoportrait to get a visual understanding of the throat* role in the body mecanism when you need to produce a sound. It conjured up in me the intimate feel and the sensuality of a woman’s neck, violently challenged by the potent, erect jaw.

Caroline Ziegler and Pierre Brichet

canapé couette
French design duo caroline ziegler + pierre brichet of brichetziegler have created ‘canapé couette’, a sofa wrapped in a single piece of fabric. The wood and resin structure is enveloped by a quilted cotton duvet. The strategically placed folds add the form of arms and a headrest. Colorful stitching creates an unexpected rhythm chart, emphasizing the direction in which the textile was folded.


wearable solar

There is nothing natural in nature; technology makes our humanness giving form to our surroundings. The human habitat reveals a techno-morphed structure that can no longer be hidden behind the vestiges of a natural world: technology has to be naturalized. Pauline van Dongen researches the body in a technologically textured space. After graduating from ArtEZ, Academy of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, she started her own womenswear label in 2010. Pauline operates a meticulous research of the behaviour of experimental and high-tech materials, combining new technologies with traditional techniques to constantly renovate craftsmanship. Working closely with companies from the field of science and innovation, Pauline aims to merge fashion and technology giving life to scientific creations.


由杰奎琳·吉米·戈登(Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon)在旧金山Yerba Buena艺术中心(YBCA)的新展览系列“控制:文化中的技术,无时无刻不在发生”中建造,是一种塑造声音,运动和感知的装置。该装置雄心勃勃,具有建筑雄心,需要探索一个房间,房间内布满11.1.4环绕立体声系统和定制的减震声板,以突出艺术家所描述的“声音之间移动,声音内部移动之间的交换”的含义。雕塑,与其他人一起移动”,并在此过程中产生“亲密感”。借用消音室和声学测试实验室中使用的隔音板的材料和几何形状,戈登的身临其境的声音环境部署了临床声音设计,以进行探索和互动。
位于“戈登(Gordon)”空间中央的位置是“爱的座位(Love Seat)”,这是一对相邻的围墙,游客可以坐在那里聆听。聆听者共享一个共同的视线,但在身体上是分开的,他们可以在相对(相对)的声音隔离中享受片刻。在展览随附的文章中,“控制:文化中的技术”策展人策奇·莫斯(Ceci Moss)简洁地将戈登的方法描述为“调音的情绪”,以“进入并指挥”进入该空间的人。
不出所料,戈登竭尽全力地雕刻了《永远发生的一切》中的音响效果,在展览中她看到她与Meyer Sound Laboratories的专家紧密合作。她在下面的视频中简要地介绍了她的过程,并且值得深入研究创建者在该项目上的帖子,因为它提供了一些有价值的“细节”,以及合作者Jon Leidecker(又名Wobbly)和Zackery Belanger的评论。


adeline de monseignat

hairy eye ball


Pauline Darley

Kamilya Kuspan

Anita Molinero


Étagère Bow

Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon

It Only Happens All of the Time

Constructed by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon within San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) new exhibition series Control: Technology in Culture, It Only Happens All of the Time is an installation that shapes sound, movement, and perception. Architectural in ambition, the installation tasks visitors with exploring a room lined with a droning 11.1.4 surround sound system and custom sound-dampening acoustic panels in order to foreground what the artist describes as the “the exchange between moving within the sound, moving within the sculpture, moving with someone else” and yielding an “intimacy” in the process. Borrowing the materials and geometries of the acoustic panels used in anechoic chambers and acoustic testing labs, Gordon’s immersive sonic environment deploys clinical sound design to engender exploration and interaction.Positioned in the centre of Gordon’s space is “Love Seat”, a pair of adjoined enclosures where visitors can sit and listen. While sharing a common sightline—but physically separated—listeners can enjoy a moment together, each within (relative) acoustic isolation. In the essay accompanying the exhibition, Control: Technology in Culture curator Ceci Moss succinctly describes Gordon’s approach as “sound modulating mood” to “both commune and command” those entering the space.As would be expected, Gordon went to great lengths to sculpt the acoustics within It Only Happens All of the Time and the exhibition saw her working closely with specialists at Meyer Sound Laboratories. She touches on her process briefly in the video below and the Creator’s Project post on the project is worth delving into, as it provides some worthwhile ‘making of’ details as well as comments from collaborators Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly) and Zackery Belanger.

Anita Molinero

Pauline Bastard


Céline Condorelli


Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon

Pauline Darley

Pauline M’barek

Trophy StandsTrophäenhalter

Vincent Olinet

Twice Upon a Time

Vincent Olinet

Caroline Richardson

horses never lie


Jacqueline Doyen


Madeline GANNON

caroline siqueira

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Two Days Work
Я работаю, в широком смысле, с искусством и архитектурой, комбинируя ряд подходов от развития возможностей для «поддержки» (работы других, форм политической воображаемой, существующей и вымышленной реальности) до более широких исследований форм общности и дискурсивных сайтов. в результате проекты объединяют выставку, политику, художественную литературу, общественное пространство и все остальное, что кажется актуальным в то время.
Меня интересовали роль и природа того, что я называю «опорой», по трем конкретным, но параллельным и одновременным направлениям.


Pauline Darley


Eyes as Big as Plates # Agnes II


MOTUS VESTITUS Interactive Fashion Show
New Technology, Music and Fashion


Sans titre

Anita Molinero, tuttavia, impiega spazzatura non mascherata come materia primaria delle sue sculture esponendole pericolosamente al rischio che non vengano riconosciute come opere d’arte perché il loro status di spazzatura rifiutata è difficile da scrollarsi di dosso. La natura ripugnante della spazzatura avrebbe potuto essere così facilmente sfruttata per attingere ad aspetti simbolici ed emotivi; trasformare il normale grasso e la sporcizia ripugnanti in grasso e sporcizia grondante di significato e metafora. Invece no, Anita Molinero ci confronta senza compromessi con oggetti di plastica e polistirolo espanso, contenitori di scarto e sacchi della spazzatura. Sono sculture letteralmente abbandonate, colte in uno stato di debolezza come i personaggi di un’opera teatrale di Beckett, che divorano costantemente la loro desolazione e solitudine, ma profondamente umane nella loro esitazione, espressione inadeguata e consapevolezza del loro abbandono.


Blanche et Blanche


Pas encore mon histoire


Каролин Хьорт и Риита Иконен
Eyes as Big as Plates



bye bye butterfly
«ByeBye Butterfly(1965)8’00 “は、サンフランシスコテープミュージックセンターで作成された2チャンネルのテープコンポジションです。2つのヒューレットパッカードオシレーター、2つのラインアンプをカスケード接続、ターンテーブルとレコード、2つのテープレコーダーを遅延で使用します。 作曲家は機器を配置し、発振器を調整し、リアルタイムで作曲を演奏しました。「19世紀の音楽だけでなく、その時代の礼儀正しい道徳体系とそれに付随するものにも別れを告げます。 女性の性の制度化された抑圧。 タイトルは、当時スタジオで手元にあり、進行中の作曲ミックスに自発的に組み込まれた、ジャコモ・プッチーニのオペラディスク「蝶々夫人」に言及しています。」-PO»トランスペアレントテープミュージックフェスティバル、サンフランシスコ






Розалин де Телин
LIght sculptures


Каролин Хьорт и Риита Иконен
Eyes as Big as Plates



Розалин де Телин


Wearable Sculpture








SMS Slingshot
file festival

The SMSlingshot est un lance-pierre numérique qui envoie des SMS colorés sur les murs, telles des billes de paint-ball. La recette est simple, ou presque : un vidéo projecteur, un lance-pierre en bois muni d’un pointeur laser et une radio à Ultra Haute Fréquence. L’utilisateur utilise le clavier du lance-pierre pour écrire son message, vise un mur et le bombarde. Son SMS s’inscrit dans une tâche de peinture colorée.
Der SMSlingshot ist eine digitale Schleuder, die wie Paintballs bunte Textnachrichten an Wände schickt. Das Rezept ist einfach oder fast: ein Videoprojektor, eine Holzschleuder mit Laserpointer und ein Ultrahochfrequenz-Radio. Der Nutzer schreibt mit der Schleuder-Tastatur seine Nachricht, zielt auf eine Wand und bombardiert diese. Ihre Textnachricht ist Teil einer bunten Lackierung.

SMSlingshot è una fionda digitale che invia messaggi di testo colorati ai muri come palline di vernice. La ricetta è semplice, o quasi: un videoproiettore, una fionda di legno con puntatore laser e una radio Ultra High Frequency. L’utente utilizza la tastiera a fionda per scrivere il proprio messaggio, mira a un muro e lo bombarda. Il suo messaggio di testo fa parte di un lavoro di pittura colorato.

Pam Tanowitz

“Gustave Le Gray No. 1”
In 2019, Ballet Across America was put together with the inspiration of women’s leadership in ballet and dance. To mark the celebration, the Center commissioned choreographer Pam Tanowitz to create a world premiere work for the week’s two participating companies, Dance Theatre of Harlem and Miami City Ballet; both are companies led by visionary women – Virginia Johnson at DTH and Lourdes Lopez in Miami.
Tanowitz set the work on two dancers from each company, with a pianist on stage playing a solo work by the composer Caroline Shaw. The piece had its world premiere during Ballet Across America on May 31, 2019. This video captures the premiere performance.
Pianist: Sylvia Jung
Dancers: Renan Cerdeiro, Lauren Fadeley, Anthony Santos and Stephanie Rae Williams

Michele Spangher

High Rise
Seis tubos de aluminio horizontales, cada uno tan alto como cada piso del edificio, cuelgan del techo, creando una larga línea de perspectiva central que representa metafóricamente los seis pisos de la fábrica. Los parlantes colocados dentro de las tuberías emiten ondas sonoras sintonizadas con los armónicos de las frecuencias de resonancia del edificio, para crear, no solo visualmente, sino también acústicamente, una percepción espacial de Fabbrica Alta.

Theo Triantafyllidis

An undisclosed location. Dry land under a scorching sun. Something abominable has happened here in recent memory. Now a ritual is taking place. The remains of what was once human are flickering in darkness. Nature is reclaiming what is hers. She is savage and unforgiving. She is laughing at us. Her sinister laughter echoes in the emptiness. Ritual re-imagines the notion of site-specificity within the mediated landscape. The digital and physical work for this exhibition sit in a forgotten mining town somewhere in the California desert. The viewer is invited to interact with Triantafyllidis’ new live simulation, sculptures and custom electronics blurring the line between the real life and online experience