פינג פונג סולארי
File Festival
Solar Pink Pong” הוא הכלאה של משחקי רחוב ווידאו. שחקני המשחק הזה יכולים לקיים אינטראקציה עם השתקפות אור שמש ורודה מונפשת ברחוב באמצעות גופם והצללים שלהם. המכשיר שמאפשר את המשחק הזה יכול להיות מותקן על עמודי שירות או דפנות בניין.

Ann Veronica Janssens

Hot Pink Turquoise
Janssens’ works range wide, but they can all be described as sculptures that use the space as a stage for sensory activity. The simple white architecture of Louisiana’s South Wing becomes a resonating surface for Janssens’ both fragile and dizzying art – fragile because the works and their components are very simple while their effect elevates them above the material. Janssens herself often uses the word fluid to describe the effect of her works – even for example when they consist of a 6.5 metre long iron girder polished at the top so the room is reflected and it is hard to fix your gaze on the object. Janssens seeks no control of either works or viewers, for as the Dutch theorist Mieke Bal has said, Janssens’ artworks are at one and the same time object and event. Many of the works in the exhibition can evoke the sensation of standing at the threshold of something. They stress transitions and transformations between on the one hand a material level – evoked by glass, colour, liquids and not least light – and on the other hand a dynamic experience of time and space.


32 rue vandenbranden
The script of physical actions is inspired by the Japanese film A ballad de Naraiama (1983), by Shohei Imamura, the one with tearing images, like that of the son carrying his mother on his back, embraced by the wind, climbing the mountain to put her on the summit until death, as the local tradition says that every septuagenarian must have an equal destiny. In the same village in the late 19th century, parents used to sell babies to survive. These material and spiritual miseries do not bring literals to the stage. Rather, they are essentials that make the show a fabulous visual poem written in and with the body and the scenic space. The song is also celebrated at the height, with moments such as Stravinski’s The Bird of Fire suite, and the song Fline on you crazy diamond, by the band Pink Floyd.

jamall osterholm

I explored the concept of a wearable that is either on or around the body and revisited a look that I had designed in a previous collection based on the concept of a 1920’s underwater invention.

Doug Aitken

Station to Station
Doug Aitken gilt als einer der wichtigsten Künstler unserer Generation. Seine Projekte sind immer over the top und noch nie dagewesen. Er erweitert Horizonte und sucht nach neuen Grenzen. Jetzt hat er das Projekt Station to Station organisiert. Im September gehts los und gefahren wird in einem Zug von Station zu Station quer durch die USA. An Bord sind Künstler, Musiker, Köche, Autoren, Filmemacher und Philosophen. Inspiration ist wohl das gleichnamige Album von David Bowie. Mit von der Partie im Zug und an den einzelnen Stops auf dem Weg sind Künstler wie Urs Fischer, Christian Jankowski, Aaron Koblin, Ernesto Neto, Jack Pierson, Alice Waters, Rick Moody, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Kenneth Anger und Musiker wie Savages, Cold Cave, Cat Power, Ariel Pink, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beck und und und. Entweder reist ihr dem Zug hinterher oder, wenn Euch das zu anstrengend ist, dann reist ihr virtuell auf der Website mit.

carsten holler

Decimal Clock
dans Decimal Clock (White and Pink), les instincts rationalistes de Höller se tournent vers la division du temps. L’horloge fonctionnelle, qui représente 10 heures, 100 minutes et 100 secondes, nous rappelle que l’homogénéisation globale du temps n’a eu lieu que récemment en réponse au degré sans précédent d’interconnexion planétaire. Decimal Clock (White and Pink) fait signe aux expériences avec le temps décimal pendant la Révolution française et rend hommage aux efforts visant à la comparabilité et à la régularité temporelles. Pourtant, il reconnaît également diverses manières non occidentales de mesurer le temps et, plutôt que de les voir comme une menace pour l’empire de la raison , les célèbre comme une expression enrichissante de la diversité de notre existence dans le temps.

Daniel Rozin

Troll Mirror
The mechanical mirrors are made of various materials but share the same behavior and interaction; any person standing in front of one of these pieces is instantly reflected on its surface. The mechanical mirrors all have video cameras, motors and computers on board and produce a soothing sound as the viewer interacts with them. Troll Mirror was commisioned by Traget and is made of pairs of pink and blue troll dolls. Every troll doll pair can rotate so that the pink or blue troll face the front. The result is a colorfull reflection of the viewer’s outline and playfull colorfull transitions


Solar Pink Pong
file festival
Solar Pink Pong” is a hybrid of street and video game. Players of this game can interact with an animated pink sunlight reflection on the street using their bodies and shadows. The device that makes this game possible can be mounted on utility poles or building sides.


Cloud Pink

The installation invites participants to “touch the pink clouds” drifting on a giant fabric screen suspended in the air.
Lying down on a hill with your pupils filled with the endless blue sky, perspective of your eyesight suddenly gets distorted and clouds drift at the tip of your nose. You stretch your arms up to the sky to touch the clouds but can’t reach. Another world right above your head, clouds.

Duran Lantink

The Vagina Pants

Duran Lantik is the Dutch, but now London-based design sensation, who came up with the unique and peculiar pink vagina pants that Janelle Monet wore in her hit single “PYNK”. His designs are a funny and playful approach to sustainability and unique in form and appearance.

La La La Human Steps

New Work
Mi Deng and Jason Shipley-Holmes perform

In “New Work” (dance), the viewer was best served by looking at the bodies’ wavering outlines, the women in strapless black leotards and tights, the men in black suits (though sometimes shirtless; costumes by Liz Vandal). Observe the strobe-like effect created by the ferociously waving arms and flexed hands, or the reflections that bounced off the ballerinas’ skin and pink toe shoes. Notice the exaggerated contours of sinewy muscles.

David Bowen

The other side
This installation automatically creates a three-dimensional relief carving of the current cloud formations and ocean surface conditions on the opposite side of the earth from the location of the gallery space. Using satellite data from the Nasa Earth Observing Information System and the GPS coordinates of the gallery, the installation obtains a current image of an approximately six hundred square mile area on the opposite side of the earth from its location. Using custom software, the system converts this image into a relief model that is sent to an onsite CNC machine hanging upside down in the gallery space. The CNC machine carves the relief in pink foam with its upside-down orientation directly echoing the cloud and ocean topography on the opposite side of earth.


Spatial Environments with neon
Ambiente spaziale con neon
Fontana’s “Spatial Environments” are considered the most innovative outcome of the theories about space that Lucio Fontana first expressed in his Manifiesto Blanco of 1946. Here and in later manifestos, he described a new form of visual representation linked to space and time, which would move past the classic materials of sculpture and painting and employ modern technology to create “artificial forms, rainbows of wonder, words written in light” […] Ambiente spaziale con neon had a single red bent neon hanging from the ceiling in a room covered with pink fabric.


The Night’s Heat / Awesome Noise
Tim Plamper – The Night’s Heat / Awesome Noise, dessen jüngste Zeichnungen im Frühjahr nicht nur Besucher der Städtischen Galerie Böblingen magisch anzogen, sondern auch auf der Art Brussels für Furore sorgten. Kleopatra ist Inbegriff weiblicher Verführung, und The Nile Song von Pink Floyd kreist um ein Sehnen und Begehren – es wird sich nicht nur lohnen, herauszufinden, was die neuen Arbeiten des Künstlers mit diesen beiden Anhaltspunkten zu tun haben, Tim Plamper wird auch ein mehr als sieben Meter langes und über drei Meter hohes Bild, das nur in den vier Wochen der Ausstellung zu sehen sein wird, direkt auf eine Wand der Galerie zeichnen.

Silvia De Gennaro

Travel Notebooks: Perugia
“Perugia” is part of a series of works titled “Travel Notebooks”.
Perugia is a magical three-dimensional chessboard where rods of light alternate with cones of shadow and show the soft pink of the stone or the dark humidity of time.

luis barragan

pink house

Tim Hawkinson

Tim Hawkinson is always good for a deep chuckle, and he delivers here with “Gumball,” a bubble-gum-pink sphere of cast body parts — feet, elbows, tummy, rear — a compact mutant portrait that begs to be rolled across the floor.


Hardcore Pink
Colin now works full time on his original sculptures, finding inspiration in old sci-fi movies, pinup girl/supermodels, anime, ambient electronic music and H.P. Lovecraft. In 2004 he started using silicone in his sculptures, a difficult material to use but one that helps him achieve his goal of true cartoon realism, a line drawing made flesh. He is not looking to create every imperfection and flaw, but to take the exaggerations and perfections of cartoons and make them into a realistic 3D form.

jeff koons

Pink Panther
This strange sculpture is a combination of innocent naiveté and raunchy voyeuristic delight…if you’re into bestiality, that is. In this cartoon come to life, a topless Jayne Mansfield (70s actress and Playboy Playmate) is literally and figuratively feeling her feline friend. Half naked, passionately embracing the kitty, so-to-speak, Mansfield fulfills one of Koons-y’s favorite artistic strategies: capitalizing on recognizable celebrities in order to sell art.

Nadine Goepfert

Pink Marshmallow Sweater
Nadine Goepfert eksploruje nowe obszary na rynku mody. Projektantka zaprezentowała niezwykłą marynarkę. Całość przypomina różową piankę i jest częścią jej kolekcji. Misją designerki jest tworzenie ubrań, które zmieniają się w trakcie noszenia. Projektantkę fascynuje zmiana. To co wyróżnia kreacje oferowane przez Nadine to zmieniająca się forma.


When French producers asked Jodorowsky to adapt Dune, he was at the peak of his prestige.
…Jodorowsky’s Dune shows, the director managed to assemble a jaw-dropping group of talent for the film. This version of Dune was set to star David Carradine, Orson Welles, Salvador Dali and Mick Jagger. It was going to have Pink Floyd do the soundtrack. And it was going to have the then unknown artist H. R. Giger along with French comic BOOK artist Jean Giraud, otherwise known as Moebius, design the sets. Sadly, Jodorowsky’s grand vision proved to be too grand for the film’s financiers and they pulled the plug. The movie clearly belongs in the pantheon – along with Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon and Welles’s Heart of Darkness – of the greatest movies never made. Compared to those other films, though, Jodorowsky’s movie sounds way groovier.


Барри Х Болл
Используя исторические традиции скульптурного портрета, Barry X Ball , который работает в ином толковании классической скульптуры больше 30 лет, создал совершенно новое направление в искусстве скульптуры. В своих работах он следует старой традиции фигуративной каменной скульптуры с помощью нетрадиционных камней и методов цифровой технологии. Прозрачная природа типов камня, которыеон выбирает (Belgian Black Marble, Pakistani Onyx, Golden Honeycomb Calcite, Pink Iranian Onyx, White Iranian Onyx.), придает работам пылающий полупрозрачный эффект, которого скульпторы стремились достичь в течение всей истории искусств.

The Dark Side Of The Rainbow

The Dark Side of the Rainbow (O Lado Sombrio do Arco Íris) nada mais é do que a exibição do filme O Mágico de Oz (The Wizard of Oz, 1939), feita de maneira simultânea ao álbum The Dark Side of the Moon, lançado em 1973 pelo Pink Floyd. Enquanto a exibição do filme vai rolando junto ao disco, acontece um verdadeiro festival de efeitos minuciosamente sincronizados, dando a impressão de que o álbum da banda inglesa foi totalmente gravado de acordo com o filme, o que segundo os músicos não passa de balela.


Cloud Pink
Lying down on a hill with your pupils filled with the endless blue sky, perspective of your eyesight suddenly gets distorted and clouds drift at the tip of your nose. You stretch your arms up to the sky to touch the clouds but can’t reach. Another world right above your head, clouds. Today, I visualize my colorful cloud of words right in front of your eyes. Touch the pink clouds drifting on a giant fabric screen, reminisce your childhood clouds of dreams. I spent countless sleepless nights just to realize my unproductive and only romantic cloud of words. But, isn’t it nice if we could feel the clouds at our fingertips?


The installation Pink Punch aims to attract visitors by its striking color, off the beaten path, through the shaped garden rooms, and into the forest. The new garden room uses the traditional technique of tree wrapping (used to protect trees from the elements) and the color pink to divide the “wilderness” from the garden, in a non-traditional way.

Kevin Cooley

Fallen Water
Fallen Water explores questions about why humans are drawn to waterfalls and flowing water as a source for renewal. Waterfalls imbue subconscious associations with pristine and healthy drinking water, but what happens when the fountain can no longer renew itself? Is the water no longer pure? Cooley’s choice of subject matter strikes a deep chord with current social consciousness and anxieties about contemporary water usage and the drought crisis faced by the American West. Cooley references Blake’s famous quote from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell as context for the diametric opposites of the current water conundrum: our deep sense of entitlement to and dire dependence on this precious commodity, coupled with a pervasive obliviousness concerning the sources which supply it. As a way to connect with his personal water use, Cooley hiked into the mountains to see firsthand the snowpack (or lack thereof), streams, and aquifers which feed the water sources supplying his Los Angeles home. This multi-channel installation is an amalgamation of videos made over numerous trips to remote locations in the San Gabriel Mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and locales as far away as the San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado. These disconnected video vignettes coalesce, constructing a large water landscape canvasing the gallery walls and floors – reflecting the disparate and widespread origin of Los Angeles’s drinking water. The colorspace within the videos is inverted, turning the water pink, orange and yellow—channeling an altered vision of water—in which something is definitely amiss: a stark reminder of the current water crisis in the state of California.

Sylvie Fleury

실비 플러
סילבי פלרי
Pink Popcorn

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook

The Dark Side Of The Moog 8

Pete Namlook (aka Peter Kuhlmann) and Klaus Schulze developed and nurtured The Dark Side of the Moog series. The Dark Side of the Moog 5 also features Bill Laswell. (He has collaborated on four of the CDs.) One of the coolest things on this disc is a 14-second intro by Robert Moog himself. Namlook, Schulze, and Laswell used “Adam’s Psychedelic Brunch” as their base track title, a play on Pink Floyd’s “Adam’s Psychedelic Breakfast” from Atom Heart Mother. And, as listeners expect, this CD features the sequences, atmospheres, and ambience associated with this trio. The soundscape elements flow seamlessly within the intricate sound design. Namlook, Schulze, and Laswell are always at the top of their game. This Berlin school offering will appeal to fans of Ron Boots, Edgar Froese, Ian Boddy, and Paul Ellis.


Cloud Pink
file festival

该装置邀请参与者“触摸粉红色的云彩”,它们悬浮在悬挂在空中的巨型织物屏幕上。 躺在小山上,学生们望着无尽的蓝天,视力的视野突然变得扭曲,云朵飘到了鼻尖。 您将手臂伸向天空以接触云层,但无法触及。 头顶上方的另一个世界,乌云密布。

Bildstein | Glatz

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Bildstein | Glatz Schnitzelprinz, 2010 wood, screws 340 x 540 x 255 cm BANALES, ABSURDES, DUMMES, ÜBERSEHENES, UNRELEVANTES, VERBORGENES, FALSCHES UND UNSINNIGES ODER: LASSEN WIR UNS WENDEN! (…) Der Schnitzelprinz (2010), den sie für die Ausstellung “Der Blitz schlägt nie zweimal am selben Ort” ein entwickelt haben, fungiert als Perspektivenwender. Holzfaserplatten und Latten fügen sich zu einer skulpturalen Apparatur zusammen: Zwei halbrund gebogene Platten formen eine Art Rutsche. Wer sich oben hineinstürzt kommt unten gewendet heraus, erlebt die Temporary Gallery neu. Indem er den Rutschtenden um die eigene Achse vom Bauch auf den Rücken oder umgekehrt wendet, erzeugt der Schnitzelprinz einen „Rundumblick“: plötzlich steht die Welt Kopf! Auch wenn die „Rutsche“ offiziell nicht zur Benutzung freigegeben wird, implizieren Bewegung und Form die Möglichkeit des „Wendens“. Dem Schnitzelprinzen liegt die empiristische Überlegung zu Grunde, dass Bedeutung maßgeblich durch sinnliche Wahrnehmung bestimmt ist. Verändert sich ein Sinneseindruck, reguliert er unser Weltkonstrukt – kurz: was wir wahrnehmen erzeugt Ideen. Im Gedankenexperiment werden wir aufgefordert, Grundvoraussetzungen bildnerischen Sehens und Wahrnehmens zu reflektieren. Bisherige Annahmen über unsere Umwelt erweisen sich als falsch, der zufälligen Anatomie des menschlichen Körpers geschuldet. Wir müssen uns davon lösen, zufällig Wahrgenommenes als Wirklichkeit zu begreifen. Die Werke setzen ihre eigene Unabgeschlossenheit voraus. Denn um Fragen aufzuwerfen, ist es nicht nötig, Antworten zu liefern: Wir sollen weiterdenken! Deshalb legen die Künstler Spuren für den Rezipienten, der dem Experiment mit Raum, Körper und Apparatur selbst auf die Schliche kommen soll: Was wäre wenn…? Sie erforschen die Wahrnehmung des Raumes und der umliegenden Kunstwerke, die sich in der Temporary Gallery befinden: Nina K. Doeges pinke Schläuche etwa fallen nicht mehr in einer Kaskade von oben herab, sondern wachsen wie Ranken der Decke entgegen. (…) Andrea Günther, 2010.


Pink and Yellow in Excited States

2009年秋天,艺术家迈克尔·安东尼·西蒙(Michael Anthony Simon)离开了芝加哥,搬到了韩国乡下。他想体验一个新的地方和文化,希望能为西方艺术界无法超越的新鲜事物提供信息。最初从不同自然元素的“亮点”开始,迅速发展为一系列具有更广泛意义的系列。一天,西蒙(Simon)在选择下一张作品的位置时,在森林中遇到了一个巨大的蜘蛛网,并开始在快速发展的作品中作为下一个合乎逻辑的进展进行实验。当时他无法指望的是这个偶然发现将他带到何处。快进了六个月,西蒙的工作室已经变成了各种各样的工厂。许多熟练的工人在固定在各种几何底座上的塑料杆之间精心构建精美的同心结构。如果这些助手是人的话,他们的出现也就不足为奇了。经过数月的反复试验,西蒙开发出一种方法,使他可以利用许多人认为是自然界最恐怖的生物之一的内在艺术性。首先,他在周围地区找到并捕获了一种特别勤奋的蜘蛛,然后(在一些指导下)允许他们做蜘蛛最擅长的事情–建立网。完成后,他将蜘蛛返回到找到它们的地方,并开始在无数的薄雾状漆层上涂网。这个过程与我见过的任何过程都不一样,结果非常漂亮。雕塑既涉及形式主义,也涉及工业化劳动。该作品是更广泛对话的一部分,这种对话不存在于传统的东方或西方边界之内,而正是这种普遍的艺术创作方法使迈克尔·安东尼·西蒙(Michael Anthony Simon)的作品脱颖而出。随着他在韩国的一些大型机构展览,即将到美国的访问以及计划于2012年夏季发布的新网站的正式发布,我可以保证,我们会在Google中看到更多这位艺术家的作品。未来的岁月。

Ralph Lagoi

Pink Ayanami


big pink bunny
Apparently, a controversial Viennese art group, Gelitin, has erected a giant pink rabbit on the side of an Italian mountainside where they plan for it to stay until 2025. According to Gelitin group member Wolfgang Gantner the bunny was “knitted by dozens of grannies out of pink wool” and is “supposed to make you feel small, like a daisy.” The artists added that they “want people to scale the rabbit’s sides and fall asleep on its stomach”. Apparently the intent of the project was to make climbers smile and provide them somewhere to lay back and relax. Gelatin members insist that the bunny is not just for walking around and that they are expecting hikers to climb its 20 foot sides and relax on its belly. Livestock are apparently urged to not eat the bunny as it is constructed out of straw-stuffed fabric.


Джон Мак-Кракен
Star, Infinite, Dimension, and Electron

“The geometric forms McCracken employed were typically built from straight lines: cubes, rectangular slabs and rods, stepped or quadrilateral pyramids, post-and-lintel structures and, most memorably, tall planks that lean against the wall. Usually, the form is painted in sprayed lacquer, which does not reveal the artist’s hand. An industrial look is belied by sensuous color.His palette included bubble-gum pink, lemon yellow, deep sapphire and ebony, usually applied as a monochrome. Sometimes an application of multiple colors marbleizes or runs down the sculpture’s surface, like a molten lava flow. He also made objects of softly stained wood or, in recent years, highly polished bronze and reflective stainless steel.Embracing formal impurity at a time when purity was highly prized, the works embody perceptual and philosophical conundrums. The colored planks stand on the floor like sculptures; rely on the wall for support like paintings; and, bridging both floor and wall, define architectural space. Their shape is resolutely linear, but the point at which the line assumes the dimensional properties of a shape is indefinable.” Christopher Knight


Гордана Вренцовска
Pink Sonata in G-minor
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Pink Punch


Sea Pink


File Festival
‘Ectoplasmatic Housing’ aims to speculate about how architecture can mediate the pervasiveness of the contemporary ‘infocalypse’ age. An architectural experiment of physical and digital space through the use of interactive design and augmented reality.

Browsing through a domestic safari of Trojan savannas or sterilised virus forests while contemplating the emergence of thousands of cheap-friends-facebook flowers blossoming among the pulsating cocoons of dying obsolete apps… Quantum reality theories are ripe for the picking from wiki branches of tweeting pink daily hit dwarfing trees…
Ectoplasmatic Housing aims to speculate about how architecture can mediate the pervasiveness of the contemporary ‘infocalypse’ age. It cultivates data for a spatial interactive second nature manifestation. It grows, blossoms, dies and haunts. Overlayed with the physical this unstable ectoplasmatic nature may shift radically into a rapid nuke ecology of nightmares.


اولافور الياسون
אולאפור אליאסון
Олафур Элиассон
Your Rainbow Panorama

Olafur Eliasson’s dazzling “Your Rainbow Panorama” is a permanent installation on the rooftop of the ARoS Museum in Aarhus, Denmark. The spectacular work of art has a diameter of 52 metres and is mounted on slender columns 3.5 metres above the roof of the museum. Visitors can literally walk through the entire color spectrum viewing the world for the first time in all pink, green, blue and yellow tones.
“Your rainbow panorama enters into a dialogue with the existing architecture and reinforces what is assured beforehand, that is to say the view of the city. I have created a space which virtually erases the boundaries between inside and outside – where people become a little uncertain as to whether they have stepped into a work or into part of the museum. This uncertainty is important to me, as it encourages people to think and sense beyond the limits within which they are accustomed to moving”. -Olafur Eliasson


다케시 무라타
Такеши Мурата
pink dot


Pink Placebo

I work digitally, combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with graphic elements and commercially produced products such as processed food, domestic goods and pharmaceutical products. I look at how these seemingly unrelated and absurd groupings and composites begin to address attitudes and understandings of the contemporary experience. I represent the natural world through completely unnatural elements to speak metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is “real”, and compare and contrast this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence.


sculpture pink insulation fabric armor float shell