Raquel Meyers

“We live in a time where hardware and software become obsolete even before we have learned how to use them. KYBDslöjd is a brutalist storytelling about technology and keystrokes using Commodore 64 computer, Teletext System, and typewriters. These technologies are not souvenirs from the past. They are hard-won knowledge.”more

Maria Svarbova

Grössling City Bath
Maria’s photographic work is both non-sentimental and emotionally powerful at the same time. In one of her latest projects, the photographer has produced a range of portraits in the Grössling City Bath. The images are characterized by some kind of mirrored symmetry of unspoken tension.

Alexander Raskatov

A Dog’s Heart
Dutch National Opera
Libretto by Cesare Mazzonis
based on a novella by Mikhail Bulgakov

A Dog’s Heart is based on the book of the same name that the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov wrote in 1925 and which was banned for decades due to social criticism. It is a masterly “modern” parable in which Soviet society, which was still young at the time, is shrewdly filleted. A starving mutt is used by a doctor as a pilot project. He will have human testes and a pituitary gland implanted. Subsequently, however, the mutated animal develops into an unscrupulous human criminal. The only option is to surgically return the animal to a dog.

Denis Laming

“Above is the most literal, architectural interpretation of crystals that I could find. It’s a theater,the Kinémax, at an amusement park in France that revolves around the future. The park, Futuroscope, opened nearly 25 years ago and the Kinémax has been an emblem of the park ever since. It’s kind of amazing. The theater, like most of the structures around the park, was designed by Denis Laming.”


nhow hotel berlin
Extreme cantilever alert! A four-storey block with a mirrored underside juts out from the top of a Berlin hotel, 25 metres above the ground (photos by Roland Halbe). The huge cantilever comprises the upper floors of the eleven-storey NHow Hotel, which was designed by German architects NPS Tchoban Voss. The end of the cantilever is fully glazed whilst the underside is clad in polished aluminium, creating a mirror that reflects the hotel roof below. Part of the NHow chain, the 310-room hotel contains music facilities that include a ballroom and a sound studio.


ألدو روسي
알도 로시]
אלדו רוסי
Альдо Росси
Teatro del Mondo

Il teatro del mondo è stato progettato dall’architetto italiano Aldo Rossi, inaugurato l’11 novembre 1979, nell’ambito della Biennale di Architettura e Teatro di Venezia. Tutto questo sarebbe volgare, se questo fosse davvero un teatro comune, dove vedrai un bello spettacolo delle arti di Thalma. Ma non lo è, e così ho deciso di portarlo a estir@dor. Il “teatro del mondo” si ispirava a una tradizione settecentesca, e intanto scomparve, dal teatro galleggiante che all’epoca ancorò nella città di Venezia di carnevale. L’edificio è stato realizzato in una struttura metallica e rivestito in legno, sia all’interno che all’esterno e sostenuto da una piattaforma galleggiante: una zattera. Formato da un ciottolo centrale con base quadrata di 9,5 m di larghezza e 11 m di altezza e tetto ottagonale in zinco, contiene un palco situato in una zona centrale. Il teatro ha accolto 400 spettatori, di cui 250 seduti, la sua semplicità formale ei colori utilizzati nelle finiture hanno dato un’immagine onirica a questa apparecchiatura che aveva come sfondo Venezia ei suoi canali. Gli utenti che entravano in quel teatro per assistere alla performance artistica degli attori, sono diventati subito se stessi, personaggi di un evento che interagiva con Venezia, osservatori e osservati, da Punta della Dogana, vedendo la Plaza de S. Marcos delle vostre finestre. Una vera Arca di Noè dell’intera Biennale.

Koto Bolofo

Arjowiggins skin paper
After living as political refugees for nearly 25 years, Bolofo and his father returned to South Africa, an experience documented in his short film The Land Is White, the Seed Is Black. His keen eye for lively, dynamic images has won him accolades for his fashion photography[…]

Jennifer McCurdy

Дженнифер МакКурди
جنيفر مكوردي

在美国的玛莎葡萄园岛,住着一位被称为“自行车夫人”的陶瓷艺术家,当地居民很多都不知道她的工作,只是不论晴雨天都会看到她骑着自行车来往于家与海岸之间,这位艺术家的名字叫做Jennifer McCurdy,今已有25年的时间在研究陶瓷艺术,她的每一件作品都是手工制模,烧制,抛光,雕刻,所以每一件作品都是独一无二。 她说:最完美的形式在自然界中,从沙滩上的海螺我看到了最美丽的螺旋,在爆裂的豆荚中我看到了辉煌的阳光,有序的对称和大自然的不对称都体现着生命的运动和成

Koto Bolofo

Du corps et du cœur
Born in South Africa, Koto Bolofo and his family fled to Britain when he was still a child after his father, a history teacher, was discovered to have writings by Karl Marx among his classroom materials. After living as political refugees for nearly 25 years, Bolofo and his father returned to South Africa, an experience documented in his short film The Land Is White, the Seed Is Black. His keen eye for lively, dynamic images has won him accolades for his fashion photography—Bolofo editorials have appeared in Vogue, GQ and Interview, to name a few; his advertising clients include Burberry,


Бойс, Мартин
마틴 보이스
מרטין בויס
Do Words Have Voices

Since 2005, Boyce’s work has drawn largely from an encounter with Four Concrete Trees, a group of sculptural pieces by the Martel Brothers made in 1925. Five years on, and Boyce’s work is an increasingly abstractive and virally pervasive aggregator, a lens through which everything must be seen. Like a strongly held belief or an indisputable fact, this is the world as infinite and varied as it ever was, just with one of the basic settings tweaked.


Джозефин Мексепер
Josephine Meckseper is adept at critiquing her environment. She questioned the prosperity of the art world by placing an “Out of Business” sign in the window of a gallery in Chelsea (a similarly cheeky “Help Wanted” sign attracted up to 20 applicants a day who had failed to get in on the joke). In 2012 she erected two 25-foot oil rigs in the heart of Times Square to remind unsuspecting tourists about the perils of capitalism and industrialization. Her work critically examines mass media, our consumption-obsessed society, and even our political systems.

Vittorio Giorgini

Walking Tall
Walking Tall was a skyscraper designed for New York in 1982-1983. The building, which was intended to rise to a height of more than 250 meters, employs asymmetric tetrahedral elements and is structurally reminiscent of utopian blueprints of the Soviet constructivist architectures of the 1920′s. Giorgini kept long-lasting friendships with the artists Jean Arp and Roberto Matta. The former artist may have left his biomorphic influences on Giorgini’s early topological architectures, while the latter artist’s dynamic three-dimension ‘inscape’ spaces may well be connected to Giorgini’s later angular works.

Gavin Munro

The Floating Green Chair
The founder of Derbyshire, England-based Fully Grown, says the idea of creating “living furniture” came to him at a young age when he stumbled upon a bonsai tree that resembled a chair. Though it took another 25 years before Munro began to morph trees into furniture and an additional eight for his vision to become a reality, he never gave up.


Jourdan Dunn
Originally from Yorkshire, England David graduated with a First in Economics and wrote an academic book before committing full time to photography at the age of 25.

Jean Tinguely

ז’אן טינגלי
장 팅겔리
03823 Metamechanical Sculpture with Tripod

Born in Fribourg (1925) and passed away in Berne (1991), Jean Tinguely is a Swiss painter-scultpor usually associated with the kinetic art and the Nouveau Réalisme. After a short period of abstract painting, he turned towards the mechanical sculpture. From 1951, he assembles strange robotic machines working on the physical and perceptive movement.


‘I like to challenge my obsessions by imposing new rules on them,’ he says. The easy way is never an option: ‘I like things difficult, so as to be able to enjoy it afterwards and to be able to say that it was all worthwhile.’
Which is why, after 25 years of Ultima Vez, Vandekeybus still loves creating performances. ‘Sometimes I can’t face the start of the process. There’s always that stress and sleepless nights with five ideas running around in my head at the same time, but then the production’s own world takes shape and it instantly becomes captivating and fun again.’

Matter Design

Each megaphone shapes sound in a unique way—variably in line or perpendicular to the performer, with narrow or wide washed bands of sound, some split into multiple directions, while others focus on a point. These family of megaphones are revealed through a series of tableaux. more

Elmgreen & Dragset

Couple Fig.25
Elmgreen & Dragset have been working together since 1995 at the crossroads of art and architecture, performance and installation. Preoccupied with objects and their settings, and the discourse that can arise when those objects are radically recontextualized, Elmgreen & Dragset push against the normal modes for the display of art.more

pedro veneroso

Gogoame é um experimento de net art que dá continuidade à tradição de experimentação literária das poesias concreta e visual, transpondo o texto verbal para um universo virtual simulado em que a espacialização do texto contraria a linearidade. Letras chovem e, em meio à chuva, são formadas palavras e frases. Ao contemplar a chuva de texto, o visitante do site se depara, frequentemente, com palavras que se formam brevemente durante a queda das letras;more

Strijdom van der Merwe

Reaching for the sky
“He works with the materials provided by the chosen site and shapes sculptural forms in relation to the landscape.It is a process of working with the natural world, the elements of which are shaped into geometrical forms that participate with their environment, continually changing until their final destruction.”more