Heinrich Bulthoff

Cable Robot Simulator
Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik

Eight steel cables, each with 1.4 tons of tensions, hold aloft a caged platform with a seat for one person. Using a wireless VR headset, that person can simulate experiences like flight while being zoomed in dozens of different ways. Eight retracting cables connected to a winch pull on the cage. It’s like a giant, flying VR jungle gym.

tabor robak

balenciaga collaboration
A 25 minute video loop with previously unreleased tracks by DJ Hell, made in collaboration with Balenciaga.

Here is a dramatic tension in his work between the real and the imagined in his use of often-appropriated digital objects to create virtual landscapes, which frequently contain elements – animals, machines, fragments of videogames – that are recognisable from our day to day life. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the digital and the real. In a very real way digital space has now become an intangible reality. The worlds built by Robak have a distinctly cinematic sensibility that hyperbolises the shine and dramatic effects of 3D rendered animation. The aesthetic of his work is supremely important, drawing the viewer into a truly alluring, indulgent and strangely gratifying environment. There is a further challenge to the void between high-art and the worlds of 3D animation and gaming, in the intersection between depiction and simulation. This can be partially attributed to the vernacular of advertising Robak is so proficient at utilising.


Solar sônico
“Solar sônico” é composto por 14 lentes que ficam suspensas na estrutura externa da cobertura de vidro do terminal. As lentes – uma estrutura de anel de puxar envolta em um lado com vidro defletor de luz holográfico – é graduada e conectada por 20 cabos horizontais tecidos em um padrão toroidal, tensionados e presos a âncoras em ambas as extremidades. Solar sônico é uma de uma série de esculturas cromáticas de King projetadas para interagir com o sol. As lentes holográficas côncavas da escultura são posicionadas de frente para o meridiano sul do sol e são iluminadas à noite. Ray King é um artista que usa os fenômenos naturais da luz e da ótica como meio de arte. Desde 1976 expõe internacionalmente o seu trabalho. Grandes instalações foram comissionadas nos EUA, Europa e Ásia – todas são específicas do local e inspiradas no espaço e na paisagem ao redor.


Aurélien Bory is a Toulouse-based choreographer working at the intersection of dance, circus and visual art. In Plexus, he encloses the Japanese dancer Kaori Ito in a forest of tensioned vertical cables. It’s as if she’s in a transparent cuboid cage. We can see her, but her image is blurred by the shimmer of Arno Veyrat’s lighting as it moves across the cables. Ito strains against these confines, writhing, flailing and hurling herself against the cables. Every sound is hugely amplified, so with her every movement we are assailed by a high-tensile jangling and groaning. At intervals she subjects her environment to furious challenge, racing backwards and forwards within the limited inner space so that the cage rocks on its axis. At other times she positions herself between the cables so that they bear her weight, and hangs there like an exhausted insect, faintly articulating her limbs.

Vanessa Beecroft

נסה יקרופט
바네사 비크로프트
La Membre Fantôme

For the installation ‘le membre fantôme’, vanessa beecroft takes the visitor back to the classical language of sculpture through a conceptual perspective, leading us towards an intimate gallery room inhabited by timeless statuary. shown at the 2015 venice biennale, beecroft presents a scene that is visible only at a distance, where the viewer must look through a crevice carved out of two marble walls. Through the panels, we see fragments of a stone garden, rich in archaeological allures and echoes of early twentieth century avant-garde. the archive of memory is here a tribute in bronze – placed at the centre of the installation – to marcel duchamp’s ‘étant donnés’, a reference model for her research that combines personal memories, historical and artistic impressions and a conceptual tension.

J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten

يورغن ماير
위르겐 마이어
יורגן מאייר
Юрген Майер
Danfoss Universe Science Park

Jürgen Mayer H. prévoit d’étendre «Danfoss Universe», un parc d’aventures scientifiques et technologiques à Nordborg, au Danemark, près du siège de Danfoss au printemps 2007. Plusieurs bâtiments d’extension sont en cours de construction sur le site de 5,5 ha, dont un restaurant et un centre d’expositions et de conférences (total 1400 m2). Ces bâtiments, d’une apparence exceptionnelle, mettent en valeur l’idée de base pédagogique et innovante de Danfoss Universe et visent à susciter l’intérêt pour la nature et la science.

Martin Kersels

Tumble Room
Mr. Kersels was born in Los Angeles and attended UCLA for both his undergraduate and graduate educations, receiving a BA in art in 1984 and an MFA in 1995. His body of work ranges from the collaborative performances with the group SHRIMPS (1984-1993) to large-scale sculptures such as Tumble Room (2001). His interest in machines, entropy, sound, and dissolution has produced work that examines the dynamic tension between failure and success, the individual and the group, and the thin line between humor and misfortune.

Chen Qi

The Overall Effect of Flying with the Wind
Chen Qi has applied watermarked prints, woodcuts, books, installations, videos and other various media in his “Notations of Time” of 2010. In his new creations, he continues his exploration into “time”, “life”, “existence” and other basic issues with his off-screen language. Thus, his “Flying with the Wind” can be taken as an extension of his general concept of “Notation of Time”, as well as being closely related to his water-based printmaking which is a continuation of the infatuation with the traces of objects from Chinese wash paintings and the ink rubbings of ancient stele inscriptions.


Inner Fashion
Inner Fashion questions the codes, rules and production technic of fashion. The human body is seen as a fluid, inflatable and mobile structure in which the tension of fabric remplace muscles. Each piece of cloth are made of 2 layers: an inner layer, XXS, highly strechable and an outer layer, XL and none strechable. Both layer are dressed on a zeppelin shaped balloon representing the human body. As the balloon fills up with air, the fabric of the inner layer stretches out and both fabric are touching each other.

Buckminster Fuller

Tensegrity Sphere

Sixty-Strut Tensegrity Sphere by Buckminster Fuller is both a feat of engineering and an object of beauty. Wire individually snakes through sixty stainless steel tubes, suspending them in a icosahedral (20 face) form. Tensional integrity, or tensegrity – a term coined by Fuller – is a structural-relationship principle.


A.lter S.essio
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A.lter S.essio的组织Panem Et Circenses负责制作和行政管理,是Fabrice Planquette基于各种艺术合作发起的一个部分。
Fabrice Planquette偶尔邀请各个领域的人共享一个创意空间。 他给出了第一个动力和方向,每个人都有自己的语言,敏锐的感觉和前景。 2007年底,开始创作表演。 该系列已经由LOSS,LAYERS,ENDURANCE,EXTENSION(S)和ASCENSIO开始,并将继续进行SURFACE,DESERT(三重奏)和ENSEMBLE(7位舞者的作品)。 所有这些部分都是相互联系的:套件,互补,并行,对立。 他们遵循着对人类及其所处环境的探索的进步。 与环境,自己,对方面对


바트 헤스
בארט הס
Барта Хесса
Heart to Mouth
Bart Hess, le dernier court métrage de l’artiste néerlandais, propose un échange passionnant de passion au ralenti pour l’amour. Selon Bart Hess, «il voulait créer une tension entre le corps et la matière – presque comme s’ils ne faisaient plus qu’un». Dans le court métrage ci-dessous, deux femmes se caressent la tête de ballon en latex pour exprimer l’amour l’une de l’autre. Les œuvres artistiques de Bart Hess ont été présentées lors de l’exposition «Dutch invertuals» lors de la semaine du design de Milan en 2009.