QUBIT AI: Iskarioto Dystopian AI Films

Enter the World

FILE 2024 | Interator – Sound Synthetics
International Electronic Language Festival
Iskarioto Dystopian AI Films – Enter the World – Spain

Enter the World is a visual experience with bright, vibrant colors in a retro sci-fi anime style, which transforms and evolves with the rhythm of the music.


Iskarioto Dystopian AI Films is an emerging Spanish artist, empowered with cutting-edge AI tools, a fusion of human creativity with machine potential. He is known as a visual alchemist, pixel manipulator, and graphic, dark, dystopian storyteller. Since its premiere in 2022, it has been shown in art galleries around the world, having won the Artistic Award at the AI ​​Film Festival Montpellier 2023.


Music: Enter the World by NPM