Beth Kamhi Fringe V2

Beth Kamhi (Born : NY 1956) is a Chicago artist with a studio located in the Cornelia Arts Building in Chicago’s Roscoe Village. Currently, Beth’s practice focuses on site specific, collaboration, and commissioned projects. She has a textile, fashion, and interior design background from the Fashion Institute of Design.

Beth’s work has been described as “Delicate, industrial, and sensual tapestries of woven beads,” “Inspiring works of sculpture to achieve a dynamic sense of tension through their provocative juxtaposition of style, content, and form.” Her work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, art centers, colleges, public settings, executive offices, and commercial spaces throughout the US.

Actively participating in a collaborative art community, Beth is a co-founder of The Margin Gallery Collective (2006-2012) and 3D 12 Sculptors Group (2010-present), both with extensive exhibitions in the Mid-West region.
My practice is dependent on finding the balance between the physical weight of the material and its playful and sinuous elegance.

By overlapping disciplines and material, I fabricate installations based on the history of fiber arts, fashion, and interior design. Though the steel beads may reflecct an industrial elegance, the ornamental fluidity of my forms comes from weaving and draping the steel material giving the visual illusion of silky ornamental threads.

Connected and independent, their static yet kinetic energy reflect my perspective on life. My intent is to enthrall, my art beckons the desire to fondle and involve yourself in its threads.