Andreas Angelidakis


Sculptural exchange

Andreas Angelidakis  Sculptural exchange

source: aptglobalorg

Andreas Angelidakis is an architect working at the intersection of digital culture and architectural production. In these parallel realities, Angelidakis treats the internet as a place where ideas are born and get tested, where new social behaviors define the way our society will develop in years to come. By assuming the role of architect inside online communities such as Second Life, and closely watching the development of technology’s effect on our understanding of the world, he has developed an architecture that responds to the habits and particularities of the oncoming generation of citizens that grows up inside social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

In between the internet and real life, Angelidakis has for a long time worked in the field of contemporary art, and it is this work which forms a bridge between different realities, between experimentation and implementation, between ideas and buildings.

These experiments always have a real life counterpart, as Angelidakis firmly keeps a base in both worlds, transferring the ideas from the internet to exhibition and installation design, furniture, urban planning, public space and, most recently, housing developments, always treating the client as a partner who is crucial to the project’s success.

Angelidakis has presented his work in the exhibitions If Tomorrow Never Comes, Rodeo Gallery, Istanbul, 2008; Hotel Blue Wave, INMO Gallery, Los Angeles, 2006; Blue Wave, MU Foundation, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2005; Neen World, The Breeder Projects, Athens Greece, 2003; Inside-Out, Analix Galerie, Geneva and Pause, with Jean-Pierre Khazem, Fargfabriken Stockholm, both in 2002.

In addition, he exhibited “Transexperiences” at 798 Art Space, Beijing, in June 2008; Athensville, Art Athina, Athens, May 2008; “A Personal Shout”, Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, April 2008; Sueño de casa propia, Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola, Mexico City, April 2008, “Teleport Fargfabriken”, FF NORR, Ostersund April 2008; “In Present Tense”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens Dec.2008; “Sueno da case propria”, Casa Encendida, Madrid, Oct 2007; “New Trends in architecture”, Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona, Oct.2007; “Nuit Blanche” Hotel d’Avret + Second France, Paris and Second Life, Oct 2007; “Loop video Festival”, Technical chamber of architects, Barcelona, July 2007; “Sueno da casa propria” BAC, Geneva, June 2007; “Heterotopias” Thessaloniki Biennale, Thessaloniki, May 2007; “New Trends in Architecture,” Artfront Gallery, Tokyo, May 2007; and “The Grand Promenade” at EMST Athens in July 2006.