Sculptural Simulacrum

source: showtimeartsacuk

My name is Anna Wilkinson.
I’m a graduate student from London College of Fashion with strong background of professional work placements with established designers: Jasmine Di Milo and Roksanda Ilincic/ employment with a start-up website and other independent designers.

If you interested to see more of my work, please, do not hesitate to contact me at: 07788723702

More about Sculptural Simulacrum project:

“..Inspiration for this project comes from digital sculpture that created by sculptors who use specialized software to create their work.
In my literature review, I was fascinated to learn how much engineering and math are often involved in digital sculpture and to learn that the process of digital sculpturing has many similarities to pattern making which also relies heavily on mathematic, angles, and precise measurements…”

“…One of the most inspiring digital sculptors for me was “Basheba Grossman”. I enjoyed many of his pieces, but was especially inspired from his digitally created bronze knots.
In addition to the precise geometry of the knot sculptures, something which, even with the naked eye, it’s apparent that the knots are precise symmetrical pieces. What is also fascinating about the knots is that they exist simultaneously as different shapes that still occupy a single space! Collectively the knots form a sphere, or suggest a cycle or globe, yet the components of the knots are often more like bent stretching disc or arms. The knots have no visible foundation, it is impossible to see where the “starting point” and the “ending point” or even the edges of the sculpture exist..”