Swans hats collection

source: behance

“I was born in belgrade, the capital of what used to be called Yugoslavia at the time.
One of the first memories, if not the first memory I can recall was walking down the streets of belgrade with my mother meeting a group of hare krishnas along the way. They joyfully sang and danced and looked so different than anything else that I had ever seen before leaving me in the state of the ecstatic excitement. I think that moment pretty much determined what my expectations of the world around me and the arts and design in particular will be.”

after finishing a graphic design school and years of painting, drawing and experiments with environmental installation he exiled to berlin, germany to study fashion design and art. Dusans work is now constantly moving between photography, video art, costume and set design ,3d art, illustration and painting, resulting in a multidisciplinary projects and collaborations with various artists, designers, film makers, dancers, choreographers.