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Kari Altmann  XOMIA

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美国艺术家Kari Altmann个展“Xomia(Return Home, Realflow, All Terrain)”日前在都柏林Ellis King画廊举行。以下来自这场展览的新闻稿。

开始的时候,你会怀疑Kari Altmann究竟是不是一个真实存在的人。



许多艺术家将他们的个人网站用作记录项目的档案馆,Kari Altmann的个人网站则是进入某种生活的一扇大门。她通过不同等级的文化材料来打造每天更新的内容,这其中许多材料也是她自己创作的。

我将这篇文章视为向一种包罗万象的艺术实践的致敬。在元级上的事物与某种在你面前打印出来的事物之间是存在联系和区别的,而这正是Kari Altmann的展览所想要捕捉的。


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Kari Altmann is an American artist and cultural technologist working at the complex intersection of formats and motives that occur in the back end of production today. Memes, brands, trends, microcultures, algorithms, social media, prosumer software, and other communal imaging systems are all put to use in a restructured ecosystem of content which flows through multiple platforms, almost faster than art product or identity can keep up with. These open fields of memetic culture are continually crafted to release the survivalist and fantasy-based tactics inherent in their environment, as the artwork that results from them morphs to fit different material and social contexts over time.

Recent exhibitions include Soft Mobility Abstracts, New Museum, New York, Brands, Salts Center, Basel, and Art Post-Internet, Ullens Center, Beijing. She has done projects for and with Art Dubai, The Goethe-Institut, Rhizome, The Hirshhorn Museum, Dis Magazine, Nero Magazine, and many more.
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Kari Altmann (B. 1983) Is A Nomadic, Swarm-Based American Artist With Current Headquarters In New York And Amsterdam. Focused On The Tropes Of Today’s Survival Fantasy Aesthetics, Identity Mutation, Mistranslation And Aggregation, Branding And Class Tactics, And “Sharing Culture”, She Works Across Disciplines To Create New Blackmarket Microgenres Of Persona And Content. These Series Primarily Connect Through Exposed Networks Of Memes, Tags, Friend Groups, Conceptual And Material Motifs, Cultural Proximity, And Social Media Accounts.

Recent Projects Include, Soft Mobility Abstracts, For The New Museum, New York; A Commissioned Video For Extinction Marathon At Serpentine Gallery, London; And A Group Exhibition Entitled Art Post Internet At Ullens Center, Beijing. She Has Also Undertaken Projects For And With Art Dubai, The Goethe Institute, Fade To Mind, Mixpak, Dis Magazine, Nero Magazine, To Name But A Few. Her Work Has Been Featured By The Fader, Dazed Magazine, And Art In America, And Receives Consistent Critical Acclaim. Upcoming Presentations In 2015 Include Her Participation In The Biennial Of The Americas, Denver, And Group Exhibitions At Yarat Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Artists Space, New York, And Ellis King, Dublin. In 2014 She Was Awarded An Inaugural Prix Net Art By Rhizome And TASML Beijing.

How Do You Remain Elegant About Survival?
Reduce It Down To Skeletal Movements
Make It More Ergonomic
Customize, Decorate To Fit
Stretch, Flex, And Xtend
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Also Comes In Clay, Clear, Blue, White, Iridescent
Until Everything Is A Mandala
Everything Is A Compass
Everything Is A Virus
Everything Is A Sun
It’s A Big World, Go Run It
Each Gesture Is An Illustration Of A Practice;
Each Word A Screenshot Of A Language.
Many Artists Use Their Websites As Project Archives, Hers Performs As A Portal To Live, Daily Updated Flows Which She Carves Through Different Strata Of Cultural Materials, Many Of Which She Also Produces Herself.