Blue Shadows

source: ugallery

There are times when the subject of a work is not as important as it might seem. Sometimes the beauty of a story is more about how the story is told than what the story is about.
In this piece, Mario Sughi shows the same can be true with visual works. He takes a simple, still scene and adds life through vibrant color. Despite such unreal colors, the scene is convincing. The girl’s expression is appropriate and balanced. The composition inserts the viewer into a familiar vantage point, that of a city sidewalk warrior, taking a moment to glance right and ponder the life of another.
Although most of Mario’s work is bright and colorful, he told me “I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like this before. Everything here is extremely colourful, the girl, the walls, the streets, everything. When I finished the work I was a bit surprised myself.” Mario also goes by the name Nerosunero. He is an Italian artist and illustrator living and working in Dublin. He combines subtle humorous elements with a consistently loose artistic style reminiscent of David Hockney. His colorful illustrations have been widely published and his work has been exhibited in galleries all over the world.