Hymn to Xochiquetzal
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Hymn to Xochiquetzal is a stop-motion animation of an improvisational mural/graffiti painted at an abandoned home in the mining village of Fierro, New Mexico.
Collaboratively, this improvised mural/animation is an effort to create an intermedia tri-lingual narrative/visual poem celebrating the images and literature of the Najuatl (meso-american) tradition.
Hymn to Xochiquetzal
Our beloved one, Xochiquetzal,
I gladly go to the dancing place by the water,
going forth to the houses in Tamoanchan
Proud and beautiful young ones,
Wise ones, learned ones, who wept for the beauty of xochiquetzal;
you who have searched for Xochiquetzal, go forth to the place where i am going.
Go to the dancing place by the water,
to the place by the water where our beloved one brings forth beauty.