Leila – Welcome to your life

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Este dúo de nacimiento polaco (Ewelina Aleksandrowicz y Andrzej Wojtas) han producido visuales, instalaciones y videoclips desde 2006. Sus escenarios visuales mezclan producción propia de secuencias en video, sofisticada poesía a cámara lenta, animación 3D, codificación en vivo e intensivos fallos técnicos. Forman una de las parejas más atractivas y productivas de la creación visual de Berlín.
Pussykrew usan interfaces hechas por ellos, controladores, parches y varios DIY electrónicos para sus actuaciones en directo. Han colaborado con Leila, Darkstar, HTRK, Raime y Oni Ayhun.
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Andrzej Wojtas ( Jendrek aka mi$ Gogo) and Ewelina Aleksandrowicz ( Tikul ) are Berlin based artists who are collaboratively working within the area of new media. Their interdisciplinary practices range from audio-visual performance, live coding, multimedia installations – to sound experiments, sensor based technologies and DIY electronics.

In 2011 they’ve both completed Digital Media Masters degree at Culture Lab – Newcastle University – UK.

Under the Pussykrew moniker, Aleksandrowicz and Wojtas are producing live visuals, video installations and videoclips.

Started in 2004 with hacked vhs players, now using both ‘traditional’ and custom made tools and patches, Pussykrew is creating gender-bending visual journeys, filtered through carnal data mesh, liquid apocalyptic dysphoria and some 3d fantasy shuffle.

They’ve collaborated with : Leila ( WARP Records ) / HTRK ( Work, work, work Tour 2011 – EU/AU/US – Ghostly International ) / Raime ( Blackest Ever Black ) / Oni Ayhun amongst others and performed live visuals for various sound artists and dj’s ( Actress / Evian Christ / Kassem Mosse / Darkstar / Nguzunguzu / Traxman / MMM / Ame / Pole / John Talabot / Jon Hopkins / Henrik Schwarz / Sentel / Mik Musik / Few Quiet People / … )

In 2010 they’ve started their audio-visual noise project – Domestic Violence, which merges distorted field recordings and audio-responsive glitches, by using self-made interfaces, controllers and patches.

Their works were presented internationally at various Digital Arts / Video Festivals and artspaces across US, Australia, Finland, Germany, UK, Italy and Poland and more .. ( i.a. Saatchi Gallery London / Transmediale Festival / Berlin Music Week – ICAS SUITE / WRO Biennale / Red Rattler Theatre Sydney / Bumbershoot Festival Seattle / Solyanka State Gallery Moscow / Mapping Festival / Unsound Festival / Pixelache / Screengrab New Media Award Australia / Vision’R Festival Paris / Cologne OFF / Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage / European Media Art Festival / Tankstelle Gallery Berlin / Athens Video Art Festival / STEIM Amsterdam / Sound:Frame / Darklight Festival Dublin / Newcastle Science Festival / Laptopsrus – Hsinchu Centennial Imaging Art Festival Taipei )
Their projects have been featured in the Wire Magazine / XLR8 / Creators Project / DAZED / the Guardian / Electronic Beats / Fashioning Technology.

They are constantly trying to challenge the viewer, through exploration of post-human identity / bodily queerness / architectural objects and their transformations / synthetic-organic textures / glitch aesthetics / physicality of image and sound.
Their distinctive sterile cinematic poetry, appear as complex symbolic and intricate imagery.
It is often replete with allusions to myth, ritual, religion, history – both past and present, as well as futuristic material and virtual ‘waste land’.
Their works are attempting to bend the perception of time – intensify the senses and reactivate the dismissed areas of psyche.

/ Duo Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas, known collectively as Pussykrew, make art that eludes convention and merges the erotic and the ethereal with exquisite finesse. Using both visual and sonic media, the two artists marry the maximalist sensations of glitch with minimalist destructiveness to give performances that are beyond experimental /

They are currently involved in the < Artist LAB Residency programme > at PLATOON Kunsthalle Berlin