Stephanie van Zwam

Zephyrus Wings

Stephanie van Zwam  airborne

source: tephanievanzwam

“AIRBORNE” The collection investigates how air influences the form of a wearable object. Some pieces use enclosed air, some use the movement of air, and some use the static of air . They invite the viewer or wearer to discover the changes and take part in the performance.
source: dezeen

These pieces of jewellery by Central Saint Martins graduate Stéphanie Van Zwam are made from plastic bubbles and tubes that float around the wearer’s body (+ movie).

Among the collection is a scarf made from inflated plastic pockets and a string of long tubes that trail gently behind the wearer.

There’s also a necklace that creates a bubble around the wearer’s head.

A headpiece made from carbon fibre and brass has been shaped to envelop the wearer’s jaw.

A simple necklace has a huge plastic orb hanging from it, and other orbs have been made into brooches and filled with feathers and polystyrene beads.

The largest piece is attached to the neck and arms like a huge pair of wings.

Photographs are by Philip Rhys Matthews.

Here’s some more information:

Full of fresh world experiences from sailing around the world, Stéphanie Van Zwam’s imagination is bursting with unique spirit. A recent graduate of Central Saint Martins, her desire for extreme detail and her manipulation of materials alongside her choice of surfaces creates an adventurous style of intricate indulgence. She sees jewellery as a spectacle that can use the body as a foundation to grow from. The natural world and elements have had a strong effect on Van Zwam and are a continuous strong influence reflected in her work.

Description of Pieces:
1 Whirlwind Statement Piece: Black Card, Plastic & Air
2 Air Pocket Scarf: Plastic & Air
3 Air Pocket Scarf: Plastic & Air
4 Bubble Wand Neckpiece: Carbon Fibre, Brass, White Finish & Bubble Solution
5 Air Cushion Headpiece: Carbon Fibre, Brass, White Finish, & Air Inflated Plastic
6 Static Orb Brooches: Brass, Plastic Sphere, Black/White Feathers, Polystyrene Beads, & Black/White Finish
7 White Feather Orb Necklace: Brass, Plastic Sphere, White Feathers, Silk Thread, & White Finish
8 Windsock Brooch: Stainless Steel, Plastic, & Black Finish
9 Zephyrus Wings Statement Pieces: Carbon Fibre Rod, Brass Tube, Plastic, & Black Finish