Yolkov (Aliyah Hussain), Epiov (Mariel Osborn) and Krashov (Anna Beam)

source: volkovcommanderscouk

The Volkov Commanders; Yolkov (Aliyah Hussain), Epiov (Mariel Osborn) and Krashov (Anna Beam), are a group of artists who clambered down to Earth on The Volkov, their large, mechanical woolly mammoth.
They constructed the Volkov in their crater on the moon, for the sole purpose of flying to Earth to gather information, and share what knowledge they had from their home planet.
The Volkov Commanders created Panoply to showcase their ideas and the array of talent that they have discovered in their short time on Earth.

The Volkov Commanders are a unified alter ego from a future of their own making. In choosing their future they are also free to invent their past. A past where the Bauhaus never died and all the world did become a stage. We have fun in our future and are here to entertain.
There is no concrete manifesto, we continue to evolve and allow ourselves to indulge our imaginations and encourage the indulgence of others. We entertain and excite making work centered on characters that celebrate movement, sound and costume. This takes form through enacting rituals, ceremony, séance and offerings.

Panoply is an artistic performative event inspired by the eccentricities and ambition of contemporary costume, dance, music, theatre and performance art created by the Volkov Commanders. The aim is to create fiction for the sake of spectacle by bringing artists, performers and designers together to create new work that pushes the boundaries of their regular practices. Panoply is a purpose built environment that happens in various locations. It gives artists from all disciplines the opportunity to join in, experiment, explore and put themselves up for public inspection, albeit in character.

Panoply is ever evolving in its methodology; it mutates and shifts according to which direction the Commanders are traveling in. The intention of Panoply is to bring performance art to the masses; we use traditional formats, such as art exhibitions, live gigs or club nights as a starting point and then turn the whole thing upside down.